Sweden’s best employer 2 years in a row / Gazelle company 9 years in a row / Career company 8 years in a row / Super company of the year 9 years in a row

We believe in being good towards our employees, our customers and the world in general. This is reflected, among other things, in our cultural work and our sustainable activities. Digitizing Sweden, achieving gender equality in the IT industry and working at the forefront of innovation are some of the guiding stars that lead us forward. Here are some of the awards we have received, awards that represent Consid and that we are very proud of!

Sweden’s best employer – 2 years in a row

Sweden’s Best Employer is an annual survey that measures employers’ internal Employer Brand. The survey is conducted among a company’s own employees and reveals how they assess their current employer. Consid has been named Sweden’s best employer two years in a row, among all industries and categories.


Di Gasell – 9 years in a row

Every year, Dagens industri (Di) publishes the names of the most successful and fastest growing companies in Sweden as Gazelle companies. The survey ranks the country’s most successful companies in 21 counties, based on the last four annual reports. Less than 1 percent of Sweden’s private companies meet the requirements to be called a gasforetag. Consid has been appointed Gazelle Company for nine years in a row.


Career Company of the Year – 8 years in a row

Career Company is an annual award given to an exclusive number of employers in Sweden each year. The prize and the Swedish quality stamp are awarded to the employers who show the highest possible quality in the work for their employees. Consid has been named one of Sweden’s 100 career companies for eight years in a row.


Sweden’s Super Company – 9 years in a row

This year is the 15th time that Veckans Affärer publishes the annual award Sveriges Superföretag (Sweden’s Super Companies). To participate in the ranking, the company needs to meet high demands on growth, profitability and returns for four years in a row, writes Veckans Affärer. Consid has been named Super Company of the Year for nine years in a row.

Gasell Company

Career Company

Best employer in Sweden

Sweden’s Super Company

Employer Branding Company of the Year 2021

Universum has given Consid the Employer Branding Company of the Year 2021 award! The prize is awarded to five companies, selected by a jury consisting of people with extensive knowledge of the market and insight into the companies and organisations. This year’s five winners have gone the extra mile to build a strong employer brand towards young professionals in Sweden.



“This company has had enormous continuity and ensures that the company management has been committed to the issue of attracting new talent. The work shows a broad view of the employer, which attracts both economists and systems scientists. The result of the recruitment work is stable over time, which also indicates good long-term work. They also have an inspiring career aspect, which makes the offer even more attractive to the recipient. In addition, the employer is active in both sustainability and gender equality issues. We therefore collectively believe that this employer can be a role model for many other companies. “

Consid’s trainee program is the second best in Sweden in 2022

Consid’s trainee program Next Level Academy has been named Sweden’s second best. Our program beat heavy competitors such as Avanza, Sogeti and HiQ.

It is Karriärföretagen (Career Company) that has put together an “ambassador network” of active students who in turn have voted for the ten most attractive trainee programs among all of Sweden’s Career Companies.



-It’s an incredibly fun recognition here. We have worked hard to create the best trainee program and we have not even had time to ask ourselves how we stand against our competitors. Now we know, says Oscar Puente who is responsible for Next Level Academy.

Swedish Gender Equality Award 2021

For the second year in a row, we have been nominated for the Swedish Gender Equality Award! The prize is national and is awarded annually to those who actively work for a more equal society. The purpose of the award is also to highlight and pay tribute to the good examples.


Q by Consid – our gender equality platform

Through Q by Consid, we offer a platform for educating, engaging, networking and jointly strengthening the industry we operate in. Here you have the chance to meet other people in your industry and in your city. We welcome all women with the common factor, role or interest in IT and digitalisation. Are you interested in participating? Get in touch with us or visit

Credit rating AAA

For the 15th year in a row, we have received AAA in credit ratings from the credit company Bisnode. Only a thousand companies have ever managed this. AAA is Bisnode’s highest credit rating and is only awarded to a limited number of companies that have been active for more than ten years, have a turnover of more than SEK 2 million, and that have key figures that are significantly above the industry average.


Peter Hellgren

– It is very exciting for us to receive top ratings after only a year. It is a sign that we deliver quality and that we are a stable company in good times as well as unpredictable times, says Peter Hellgren, CEO at Consid.

The Publishing Prize 2020

Consid won two categories in the publishing award 2020, one for Morakniv Classic in the category advertising and one for Bokhandelsgruppen (The Bookstore Group) in the brand films category. The films have been produced in conjunction with Kojan Film.



  • Morakniv Classic: “For a well-thought-out and creative idea that reflects quality and craftsmanship tradition”.
  • Bokhandelsgruppen: “For a beautiful film photo, a light atmosphere and cohesive wholesomeness”.

The Golden Hand 2020

Consid’s customers dominated Sitevision’s “Golden Hand” in 2020. No less than half of the 12 final winners belonged to our customers. Among the finalists of whom were our customers were the Swedish Maritime Administration, Kramfors Municipality, SkiStar, Euro Accident and Nordnet. The prize has been awarded every year since 2011 to websites and intranets built into Sitevision.



– It is unbelievable that Consid has so many entries in the final. It is a confirmation that we deliver the quality that we strive for and that our customers demand, says Alexander Gustafsson, business development manager for Sitevision at Consid.

Sitevision Most Valuable Professional Award 2022

In 2022, Sitevision awarded three of Consid’s employees this prestigious award. Louise Ohlin, customer manager and Alexander Gustafsson, business development manager and architect as well as Ellinor Hallett, project manager and developer receive Sitevision’s “Most Valuable Professional Award”.

The award goes to people who, among other things, have extensive knowledge of the product, who show extra commitment and contribute to more people discovering and utilizing the platform’s full potential.



– Ellinor Hallett and Alexander Gustafsson have worked for a long time with the Sitevision platform, they engage wholeheartedly in both the platform’s possibilities but also in our community. Louise Ohlin in her role as customer manager has an important role in the majority of customer dialogues and above all in the platform’s progress in sports Sweden, says Nadia Cabezas who is partner manager at Sitevision.


Entrepreneur of the year Sweden

Peter Hellgren came in second place in the prestigious competition Entrepreneur of the Year Sweden 2020. No one else from Jönköping County has previously placed higher in the national competition. The prize is awarded by the organisation “Företagarna” (“Entrepreneurs”) and is one of Sweden’s most prestigious prizes for entrepreneurs.


Peter Hellgren, CEO at Consid

– I’m so incredibly proud. This shows that it is entirely possible to have a head office in Jönköping and still make a big impression on a national level. That is actually how we will continue to gain strength and power, says Peter Hellgren.


- We are really happy that our work to make Consid a pleasant workplace where you as an employee can be challenged and have balance in life is recognized.

Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid

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