Our offices

Our office environments are something very special, they are not just offices, but a meeting place for all our employees to gather. We want that no matter which of our twenty-nine offices you are in, you should feel the Consid spirit. Inclusive, inspiring and innovative are the key words – here we create the digital solutions of the future.

Our offices – a meeting place

The mint green rectory in Karlskrona, the Gevalia Palace from 1890 in Gävle, Norrköping’s industrial landscape in the middle of the city, the Riksbank’s old premises in Örebro, the turn of the century apartment on Stora Torget in Uppsala, yes the list can be made long at Consid’s office, all with their very own character and character.

Consid, with its interior designers, has made itself known throughout Sweden for its welcoming, lavish and open offices. The offices are meeting places, where colleagues and customers can meet in smaller or larger conference rooms, where breaks are taken over a game of billiards and where there are constantly some hanging in the kitchen over a cup of coffee.

All offices have the mythical Consid feel, with an interior that goes in the same tones, materials and details. The interior designers have created environments that invite to a festive atmosphere, community and innovation, and where you pick out the history behind each building and refine the foundation of what the room once was. Turn-of-the-century apartments, industrial premises and modern buildings; you will find us in every conceivable environment.

Are you curious and want to see more pictures or read more about our respective offices? Click on the place names below.

It is rare that we do not get a "wow" when someone enters through the gate to our offices.

– Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid

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