Internet of Things

Internet of Things, IoT, enables an unsurpassed closeness between people and devices. The possibilities are endless and only limited by our own imagination.


The area of Internet of Things is a concept for describing a typical development of our time; machines, vehicles, goods, household appliances, clothing, and accessories are equipped with small built-in sensors and processors that enable the devices to be controlled remotely or exchange data over the internet.

Our business area Internet of Things actually comprises the entire concept Internet of Everything; that is, not only connected devices but also processes, data, and people. The development over the past few years has accelerated the maturity and pace of Internet of Things, meaning that more and more companies recognise the potential of creating new business opportunities.

Our experience within this business area allows us to either focus on certain areas, or to guide our customers throughout the entire IoT journey – all depending on which challenges our customers face.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Inspirational workshops
  • Business development
  • Advice and requirements
  • Process development
  • Proof of Concept environment
  • Protocol communication and data transfer
  • API integration
  • Cloud integration
  • UX design
  • GUI and APP development
  • Big-data modelling
  • Analysis and automation

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Therese Ericsson

Manager Internet of Things +46 70-833 18 70

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