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In our modern, connected society, we become more and more independent of the office – instead a lot of people choose to split their workdays between the office and their home. We are convinced that a well-functioning workplace focusing on the employees is the key to productivity, collaboration and communication.

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In order to meet and exceed customer expectations, a modern workplace is able to maximise the potential of both individual coworkers and the entire staff. Most people today are accustomed to a digital world, but is their workplace optimised and fully adapted to modern requirements?

Setting up digital work methods designed for the employees in question, contribute to an innovative, fast-moving, and flexible workplace. But insufficient control of needs can cause the work environment to become ineffective and even frustrating.

This area is subject to very fast development, parallel to maturing digital solutions such as AI and cognitive services. Microsoft is the market leader in digital solutions for modern workplaces, with products such as Azure, SharePoint, and Office 365 – platforms that are Consid’s first-hand choices.

With expertise in a variety of business areas and a Gold Certified Partner collaboration with Microsoft, we are able to deliver unique and comprehensive digital solutions tailored to meet different needs, rules, and working methods of various types of workplaces.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Portal and intranet
  • Digital workplaces
  • Fines
  • Control and management systems
  • Document and case management
  • Project management and collaboration
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our competences:

  • Operational
  • Requirements, needs and analysis
  • Security, law and regulatory compliance (eg GDPR)

Some of our most important platforms and partners:

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