Gasell Company 8 years in a row / Career Company 6 year in a row / Super Company 7 years in a row / Best employer in Sweden

We believe in being good. To our coworkers, our customers, and to the overall world. Among other things, this mindset is reflected through our cultural work and our sustainable activities. Digitalising Sweden, equalizing the IT industry, and establishing a position at the forefront of innovation, are some of our guiding stars. Here are some of the awards we have received for our work; recognitions that truly represent Consid.

Di Gasell – 8 years in a row

Dagens industri annually appoints the most successful and fastest growing companies in Sweden – The Gasell Companies. The survey ranks Sweden’s most successful companies based on the four most recent annual reports. Less than 1 percent of Sweden’s companies meet the requirements and Consid has been appointed Gasell Company of the Year eight consecutive years.


Career Company – 5 years in a row

Every year, Karriärföretagen appoints an exclusive number of employers in Sweden as career companies. The award is a Swedish quality stamp given to the employers who show the highest possible quality in their work for their employees. Consid has been appointed one of Sweden’s 100 Career Companies five consecutive years.


Sweden’s Super Company – 7 years in a row

For the 15th year in a row, Veckans Affärer presents Sweden’s Super Companies – companies that out-class everything and everyone. To be included in the ranking, the company must meet high demands on growth, profitability and return on capital during four consecutive years. Not many live up to the requirements but Consid has been named Super Company of the Year seven years in a row. 

Consid Utmärkelser

An award-winning company

Consid is one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies offering consulting services within IT, management and digital marketing. The company was founded in 2000 by Peter Hellgren and Henrik Sandell and has close to 1000 employees.

Gasellföretag Dagens Industri

Gasell Company
8 years in a row

Superföretag Veckans Affärer IT-konsultbolag

Super Company
7 years in a row

Karriärföretag 2020

Career Company
5 years in a row

Sveriges bästa arbetsgivare Universum IT-bolag

Sweden's Best Employer

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