Brand Development

A strong brand is loaded with confidence and innovation. Using smart, insight-driven positioning and a strategic understanding of your challenges, your business, and your surrounding world, we bring out the power of your brand.

We bring out the power of your brand

What are the major challenges of your brand? And where’s its greatest potential? We explore, develop, and guide your brand to another level. Bold start-ups or established giants? Everyone’s welcome.

Consid Communication works with customers within B2B and B2C, as well as the public sector. To us, all kinds of brand development have one common denominator; the brand is created through the encounter with people’s minds. We create strategic foundations that the brands can evolve from. We analyse the surrounding world and find new, unique ways to position companies. We inject new energy into the brand’s graphic identity and tone of voice. Using our holistic approach and 360 perspective, we’re able to find new paths that help your brand reach all the way to the people whose hearts you want to touch.

Brand Development

One essential part of brand development is the brand strategy, which is your plan for ensuring that your work will meet your company’s goals and visions. It’s about defining and creating an idea that goes beyond your product and your offer. It’s the general purpose – what is your reason for being, what is your vision, and what are your goals? A well defined and performed brand strategy will have a strong impact on all levels of your company and is directly linked to your customers’ needs and emotions. In close cooperation with you, we’ll land a solid brand strategy that you can implement throughout your entire company.


The design of your brand works as its identity and a tool that helps you express your unique offer and position on the market. Great design communicates the value of your brand, ensures sustainable relevance, and strengthens your ability to create long-term relationships with your customers. So how do you know when your brand design is right? Simply when it reflects the characteristics and values of your company.

Communication strategy

A communication strategy is used for translating corporate goals to communicative goals. By getting to know your users and targets groups, and identifying ways to reach them, you will establish a solid base for effective communication that meets your brand values. In order to succeed, you need to understand your customers’ journey and where you can capture their interest. And we’re with you all the way. 

Brand activation

When you introduce a new brand platform, a visual identity, and a communication strategy, you need to make sure that these are implemented throughout your organization; if not, your work has been basically pointless. This is why your coworkers have to embrace the new strategy. We’ll help you provide training material and tools that will speak to your coworkers’ hearts, increase their understanding, and ultimately turn them into true brand ambassadors.

Digital Transformation

A digital transformation is the current fundamental digital paradigm shift that affects all parts and levels of businesses and organisations, where the border between products and offers for customers, suppliers, and producers is in a grey zone. Peoples’ behaviours, needs, and expectations change as new technologies emerge and younger generations become established. Navigating through the digital transformation is a complex procedure – we’ll help you find the way.


Good, creative ideas and innovations constantly flourish at workplaces and in customer dialogues. We use proven tools and processes to help companies and organisations catch the best ideas and turn them into long-term, sustainable, and fully integrable strategies.

Naming and commercial packaging

The name of your company, products, and services often serves as the entry way to your brand. A great name can increase brand awareness and strengthen product marketing. We’ll help you find the names that balance the gap between a unique offer and your customers’ expectations.

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