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At Consid you get to work with exciting customers in different industries, develop high-tech solutions with new innovation and be part of a strong culture. Our vision is to be a company with the country’s leading experts in IT and communication. This is why we place great emphasis on work balance –because our employees are our most important asset.

“We want to create a workplace that becomes a part of life, where you enjoy your days and where you make friends.”

Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid AB


Martin Arvedahl
DevOps developer

I really like Consid because of the strong support, the open community, and the stable platform it offers. I started at Consid in Gothenburg in September 2018 and I have been at Telia TV up until today. As they embarked on their DevOps journey, it felt exciting to be a part of it all and to move it in the right direction. On an ordinary day I’m with my team on the Backend side of Telia TV where I work with Quality Assurance, Testing and Development. Our responsibility is to develop the core of the platform: to package information from the content providers in a way that allows users to quickly find out what programs, films and series are available. It’s a mix of problem solving, coding, clarifying, and being on various meetings, but it also includes Swedish “fika” and celebrations of the progress we make. I enjoy it all!

Louise Krause
UX/UI Designer

As an IT consultant it’s easy to just be sent out to a client and feel “off I go”, but I feel that Consid also wants you to feel at home at the offices. Right now I’m working with a client where I’m the only UX/UI designer and that can be difficult when you want to come up with new ideas. That’s why it’s so nice to know that I always have a place at Consid where I can check my ideas with my colleagues. I have been working at Consid in Gothenburg since the summer of 2018 and I really feel that I have found the right place for me. It’s such an open and inviting culture and it’s actually the first company where I have really felt at home and where I dare to express my goals and visions.

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Consid is one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies offering consulting services within IT, management and digital marketing. The company was founded in 2000 by Peter Hellgren and Henrik Sandell and has close to 1000 employees.

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