Voices from our employees

Are you curious about what the role as a Recruiter includes or how an ordinary day as an Android Developer might look like? Check out some of our employees’ stories below.

Read our employees’ stories about what it is like to work at Consid

Sabir Quazi
Android Developer

About 1.5 years ago I said so long to my old workplace and hello to Consid and I enjoy it more and more every day. When I first started, I immediately felt that this was a workplace where you can have fun together, both during and after office hours. “If you work hard you will have fun” was the feeling that came to me – and it fits so well. I work as an Android Developer in Stockholm and have the opportunity to work with Java, JS, Angular, C# and React. It means a lot of variety which I think is super fun! I like the company for a number of reasons, but something I like a lot about it is the opportunity to be a part of a project where I have direct contact with the daily user. This way I get to see how our customers handle the application we have developed. To me, creating customer benefits with good code and structure – that’s everything!

Marika Bråson
HR and Recruitment

Consid is really the workplace where healthy values ​​take place and where there is a good mix of entrepreneurship and a lot of energy. I feel happy every morning when I get to the office. To be a part of such a happy work environment where you find expertise everywhere – that’s actually so great. Consid has raised the bar of what it should look like at todays’ workplaces. I started at Consid in Karlshamn and Karlskrona February 2019, but I already feel so at peace. I work with HR and recruitment, so the best part of my job is to meet new candidates and possibly new colleagues on a daily basis and to see Consid grow. The company is both cool and generous and has a style that is completely out of the ordinary! I mean, who doesn’t want to work in a place like that?

Tord Strømdal

Change Management & Business Architecture, Linköping

With experience from other consulting companies, I can say this: There is no such thing as Consid! I feel that the management is genuinely interested in working for a good and inclusive workplace for all employees – not just on paper. It also becomes clear that the management culture is spreading downwards in the organization; how cooperation, openness and “high ceilings” are things that become completely natural in everyday life. I really enjoy Consid as I get a lot of freedom and the opportunity to design my own role, which means that the benefits of working as a consultant are all the greater!

Amanda Rällby

HR and recruitment, Uppsala

Since I started working with HR and recruitment at Consid, I have been struck by the fact that we really care about each other, have fun and do a great job together. Here, everyone has a feeling for what makes “the little extra”, even in a simple email. What makes me feel so good about my role is that I get to meet many candidates for interviews and that I get to talk to our consultants. I want our consultants to know that I am there, even if we do not meet every day. We build a unique corporate culture together, which I really think is characterized by participation and commitment. Therefore, I am both proud and happy to be able to offer this to new colleagues.

Tianlin Gu

UX-designer, Malmö

As an employee at Consid, you actually feel that you belong to a large family, no matter what city you are in. Everyone discusses, helps and supports each other and we have a positive and humble atmosphere across all offices. In my job right now, I have to focus on developing design sketches and solutions on how to make a large IoT platform more user-friendly. A technically heavy assignment, but which still provides space for UX and design. A perfect combo in my opinion! Consid really wants everyone to enjoy themselves and when I was going to change offices from Stockholm to Malmö, my colleagues welcomed me with open arms and I received a warm welcome. I’m still very happy about that.

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