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Considition 2021 was organized by Consid and Budbee. During the 2021 AI-based hackathon, the competitors had to develop an algorithm that contributes to the development of the smart and sustainable e-commerce logistics of the future. Swedish e-commerce is increasing sharply, which has made this hackathon extra important for contributing to sustainable societal development.


Joakim Andersson

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Hackathon with AI and sustainability in focus – for the fifth year in a row

As in previous years, Considition will make a real difference by finding sustainable and innovative AI solutions. For the fifth year in a row, Considition is organized by us at Consid. In previous years, we have collaborated with, among others, the triathlon company IRONMAN, the drone startup GLOBHE and Riksbyggen, which builds and manages properties. The theme has varied from year to year, but the overall goal has always been the same – to use AI to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Last year’s edition of Considiton was held in collaboration with Riksbyggen – the cooperative company that develops housing in new production with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation. The theme for last year’s competition was “the sustainable city” and the goal was to, with the help of AI, develop an algorithm that optimizes the development of a city center with a focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We are proud to present Considition 2021 in collaboration with Budbee to organize a competition where “smart and sustainable e-commerce logistics” is in focus.

Collaboration with Budbee – Smart and sustainable e-commerce logistics

Considition 2021 is presented by Consid and Budbee. In this year’s challenge, you will develop an algorithm that contributes to a smarter and more sustainable future for urban logistics.

Budbee is a Swedish-based technology company that wants to create the best and most sustainable e-commerce experience from check-out to delivery. This year’s challenge is about developing solutions for future urban logistics – with intelligent algorithms!
What is smart logistics? A combination of traffic management that structures and navigates traffic for optimal use of traffic systems and logistics management.

Swedish e-commerce has increased sharply due to, among other things, the development of the corona pandemic. Customers demand cheaper and faster deliveries that must also be environmentally friendly. It is a great challenge for all e-commerce companies to have a smart and sustainable e-commerce logistics.

Although players such as Budbee have recently taken major steps into the future of urban logistics, there is room for improvement. And we want your or your team’s contribution to shape the smart and sustainable logistics of the future with the help of AI. The goal is thus to create algorithms to streamline logistics and make it more sustainable.

Considition 2021 – Make a real difference!

You can help make tomorrow’s urban logistics more sustainable and user-friendly by participating in Considition 2021, where you will use the latest technology to optimize the use of space in trucks. Without compromising on efficiency or damaging any goods. Your and your team’s task is to develop an algorithm that optimizes how trucks are loaded, based on real data, to streamline the delivery process for e-commerce.

If circumstances allow us, the winning team will go on an extraordinary weekend trip to the United States to learn more about AI, ML and the future of urban logistics.

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to participate in Considition, regardless of whether you are a first-year student or senior developer, work in the private or public sector, live in or outside Sweden or are willing to compete at home or in one of our arenas in Sweden (if circumstances allow us to host for physical events). You sign up for a team of one or two people.

We will provide you with introductory materials, articles, podcasts and videos on the technical skills needed to create a solution. Starter packs are provided to help you get the most out of hackathon. This is probably one of the best ways to start learning AI and algorithmic development.


Where and how?

Considition 2021 was held on October 14, when Consid and Budbee invited the contestants to their offices. It was also good to participate remotely.

The competition was also broadcast live from a studio where anyone could follow the results.