22 highlights from 2022 - Consid's best year yet

An annual summary of the past year at Consid

When entering 2023, we can now look back and reflect on a tremendous Consid year. 2022 will go down in history as Consid’s best year by far. So we want to do what has become a signature for us at Consid – celebrate success and pay attention to good initiatives together! There are many highlights, but we want to spotlight 22 of them…

  1. We are Sweden’s best employer – all categories – for the second year in a row…

For the second year in a row, we have been named Sweden’s best employer – all categories. We achieved this together, and that is the most important highlight. Because is there any clearer receipt than being nominated for an award where the companies’ employees get their say?

  1. …and career company for the 8th consecutive year!

In addition, we have been awarded Career Company for the eighth year in a row – something that very few companies have managed! This is how one of our employees, Robert Carpvik, described Consid in connection with the award:

“Right from the start of my journey at Consid, I have been positively influenced by the enthusiasm and commitment that exists within the company. There is a clear entrepreneurial and progressive spirit at Consid that encourages development. We have much fun together while constantly achieving new successes, which is one of the keys to the growth that Consid stands for.”

  1. We continued to grow and are now closer to 1700 Considare

What is better than 1150, considare? Well, another 525 new considare! This means that we enter 2023 with close to 1,700 employees. In the troubled times currently prevailing in the economy, Consid goes against the grain and hires. We have continued to create jobs and expand during the current crisis and will continue on the same path. Join us on our journey!

  1. We established Consid in Denmark…

During the autumn, we not only became more employees in Sweden but also in Denmark when Consid stepped in to challenge the Danish IT market. There is something special about being on the road, on the way to where new opportunities await. To create value in a new context. The Danish expansion has started in Copenhagen, with several collaborations with customers and partners. Now the aim is to pass 30 employees in Denmark during 2023, which creates solutions for a better tomorrow.

  1. …and Germany…

We steered our journey even further south, to Germany, with the first stop in Hamburg! Where order, structure, and economics work, we want to add something spectacular – the best employer anyone can imagine and the best digital competence available. Our first consultants are now employed. Thanks to a balance between customers in the public sector and prominent private players, demand for Consid’s services has increased steadily in recent years. It has been largely insensitive to economic conditions. Within five years, our goal is to be the largest in Northern Europe. Read more about our establishment in Germany!

  1. …and in 8 new cities in Sweden!

During the year, we have continued to expand also within Sweden. Skövde, Södertälje, Trollhättan, Trelleborg, Ängelholm, Karlskoga, Alingsås, and Borlänge now have Sweden’s best employers in town!

  1. Our establishment in Oslo took off

Shortly after our expansion to Oslo, we made a name for ourselves in the Norwegian market. Above all, we are winning a coveted contract with Norway’s most significant employer: Oslo Kommune. At Consid in Oslo, there is now competence in all IT services, which will play an essential role in the new agreement with Oslo Kommune. Steffen Breen, CEO of Consid Norway, says:

“It feels fantastic that we have received this trust from Oslo Kommune, and it shows Consid’s enormous potential here in Norway. We won the assignments in all the categories we applied for and look forward to taking Oslo Kommune to new high levels”.

  1. We took our sustainability work to the next level

Through our efforts towards Ukraine immediately after the Russian invasion, we have shown that Consid’s sustainability work is so much more than climate and reports. Our commitment to sustainability is also purely practical efforts directly aimed at the Ukrainian population. But we have also stepped up our involvement within the UN Global Compact, with two new certified experts, and reported to the Science Based Targets Initiative. Read more about how we are building the sustainable society of the future.


  1. We strengthened our equality platform Q by Consid

At the same time, we have continued to break new ground for women in the tech industry through our equality platform Q by Consid. We have strengthened our equality platform with the initiatives Q Community, Q Meet, Q Mentoria & eQualizer. For us, equality comes first. Q by Consid must work for an equal and equal tech industry – for real.

  1. Our employees’ commitment to Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine, we decided to do everything we could to help those affected by the inhumane situation. We offered developers from Ukraine to come and work with us in Sweden – this by providing the person and family with accommodation and help with other moving-related issues. Due to the worrying development of events in Ukraine, we also started an internal collection with our partner organization, War Child, in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages. Our employees collected SEK 100,000, which Consid doubled to SEK 200,000 – a sum that went directly to psychosocial support for children in and from Ukraine. We also skipped the Easter eggs filled with goodies and instead donated diapers, food, and supplies to Ukrainian children and families in refugee camps through our partner organization War Child and their partner organization Novoe HopePacks. Unfortunately, the war has characterized this year and will follow us into 2023.

  1. We focused on digitization in Almedalen…

Because Almedalen is a tremendous democratic festival, in its absolute best sense, we at Consid arranged seven talks to focus on digitalization. But it was above all one of them that reached new heights: Ukrainian drone pilot and developer Oleksandr Radzikhovskyie. Hearing him talk about how drones are used both for espionage and as psychological warfare in Ukraine was fascinating. Listen to Oleksandr Radzikhovskyie.

  1. …and illuminated the parties’ digitization agenda!

One topic conspicuous by its total absence in the party leadership debates was digitization, even though we are at a historical stage where digital transformation is changing everything. There is an ambition that Sweden will be the best in the world in making use of the possibilities of digitization. But only some parties take digitization seriously. Even fewer seem to have digital leadership. We have tried to influence Swedish politics’ focus on digitization for over ten years. But we always stay energized – before the parliamentary elections, we produced a well-read report on the parties’ digitization policy.

  1. Folkhemmet 4.0 was released in bookstores

The pandemic became the firm forward button that catapulted us into the digital future. Not only the outside world has changed. We are changed. When Folkhemmet 4.0 – the book depicting the digital transformation – was released in bookstores, the pressure was enormous. Not so surprising as the book contains answers from Sweden’s leading actors in digitalization. Such as: Hélène Barnekow, Michael Björn, Alok Alström, Anna Felländer, Anna Wikland, Jan Gulliksen, Joel Hellermark and Helena Samsioe and others.

  1. We met again in our offices (the pandemic let up)…

During the year, the pandemic released its tight grip, and our offices have returned to what they were made for – meeting places where all types of meetings are welcome. Suppose it is customer meetings, workshops, after-work, or other festivities. For over 20 years, we have worked to create a place where our employees feel inspired, seen, filled with energy, and have space to drive our customers’ digital transformation journeys. Do you pass by one of our over 40 offices? Take the opportunity to say hello – here we want everyone to feel at home and find new friends in our colleagues to create digital magic together. Find your nearest Consid office.

  1. …and had the honor of inviting the future to us!

Our over 40 Consid offices were filled one day in November by curious children of various ages. It was time for “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” – one of our most appreciated activities at Consid. The idea of the day is to create understanding and balance in life and contribute with inspiration between family members. We accompany our children to preschool and school to see what they are doing, look at their latest school project and see what environment they move in. Shouldn’t it be just as evident that the children can come with us to see what we do during the day? During the day, the children were introduced to the fantastic programming world. A small code presentation that inspires the children about the world of programming started the day, to be replaced by simple coding in Scratch and HTML. In the afternoon, Minecraft was played on a shared Consid server. A day entirely to our taste!

  1. We celebrated role models and success at our annual gala

But we didn’t just get to meet again in our offices. In Stockholm’s most powerful venue, Stockholm City Hall, we gathered for the most festive party of the year – Considgala! This year, all expectations were met in content and attendance when we praised role models as usual as we grew in number – our reasons to celebrate produced more and more.

  1. We organized Sweden’s first E-Sports Championship for companies…

The year offered a significant e-sports focus at Consid. Through our collaboration with the Swedish E-Sports Association, we strengthen and develop e-sports in Sweden. Therefore, organizing history’s first Sweden Championship in e-sports for companies was extra fun. The victory was driven home by Region Kalmar. Are you eager to bring home the Championship title together with your colleagues? Keep your eyes open during the beginning of 2023! And we can already reveal that we have a lot of new things going on in the world of e-sports!

  1. …and the world’s biggest e-sports hackathon – for the 6th year in a row!

Can you code, do e-sports and contribute to a sustainable society simultaneously? Yes, at Considition, you can! And this year, with this year’s partner Axfoundation, the challenge was developing intelligent circular solutions for future e-commerce. After a thrilling final, a weekend in Prague awaits the winners, who will visit Europe’s largest conference on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning!

  1. Our trainee program Consid Next Level Academy, grew in step with our trainees…

Our first batch of trainees left during the year. But exciting missions awaited. And no one is happier than us that we continue to have the honor of developing together with you. At the same time, the trainee program has been replenished with new stars. We now have three generations rolling in our blocks. In the spring of 2023, we will welcome a new generation of trainees!

  1. …and became the most popular in Sweden!

The students had their say. In a survey conducted by career companies, Consid Next Level Academy was named Sweden’s second most attractive trainee program – according to the students. We call that a quality stamp.


  1. Consid achieves record results

We have been on it several times. 2022 is a record year for Consid. During Q3, our turnover increased dramatically by 51.6 percent to SEK 454 million – in organic growth. We are thus writing up our expected annual turnover of two billion SEK to SEK 2.150 billion.


  1. We continue to create digital magic!

We are experts in digital transformation, communication, and development. We help companies and organizations make visions a reality through sustainable digitization, from strategy to goal – from idea to reality. We have continued to do that in 2022 and will accelerate in 2023. Towards #nextlevel

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Lediga tjänster

Läs mer om vad som händer på Consid


Consid signs coveted contract with Norway’s largest employer


Sweden's leading IT and communications company, Consid, has in a short amount of time grown strong also in Norway. The company has now won a coveted contract with Norway's largest employer, Oslo Municipality. The agreement extends over four years with a total value of NOK 650 million.

Consid takes on the German market


Consid, one of Sweden's largest IT companies, is now expanding into Germany. The company aims to have over 130 employees before the end of 2024. The goal is to become the largest IT company in Northern Europe within five years.

Consid has been named Sweden’s Best Employer


Consid has been named Sweden's Best Employer for the second year in a row. The award is based on a survey conducted among the company's employees and reveals how they assess their current employer based on several factors.

Björn Ulvaeus

ABBA-Björn nominated “Digital Influencer of the Year”


Music creator, social activist and entrepreneur Björn Ulvaeus is nominated for the prestigious award "Digital Influencer of the Year". Other nominees for the award are Greta Thunberg and Matilda Djerf.

Consid in high-level meeting during COP27


The climate conference COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, has begun. During twelve days, the world's countries must report progress made and raised ambitions to reach the Paris Agreement's goal of halting the global warming. Consid is participating in COP27 via the UN Global Compact.

Consid publishes record-breaking figures


The IT and communications company Consid presents record-breaking figures for the third quarter of 2022. Turnover increases by 51.6 percent to SEK 454 MSEK, organic growth. At the same time, the company has recruited over 460 new employees since the turn of the year.

Innovation guru recruited to Consid


Innovation expert Magnus Osbeck is recruited to the IT and communications company Consid.

Consid is awarded in the international innovation event Go Global Award


In this year's edition of the "Go Global Award,” the IT and communications company Consid is awarded for the company's demonstrated innovation and resilience in challenging times.

Consid wins procurement for Trollhättan Stad Epi-server


During the summer, it became clear that Consid would take over the administration of the Trollhättan Stads Epi-server. The two-year contract was initiated on the first of September.

Consid customers dominate as finalists at this year Sitevision Awards


Consid strongly dominates the final field at the Sitevision Awards 2022. The prizes are awarded at the Sitevision Days each year to websites and intranets that, with the help of Sitevision, have succeeded in creating experiences beyond the ordinary.

Consids kontor i Karlstad. Soffgrupp och trappa till loft.

Consid has the most beautiful offices in Sweden


This year’s edition of ”Sveriges Snyggaste Kontor” has two of Consid’s offices in the final, namely Kalmar and Karlstad. The motivations are filled with love and respect for the renovation and Consid’s unique interior design style.

Conid new hires Lia Johnson and Jenny Milewski

Consid recruits experienced creative duo


The successful creative duo Jenny Milewski and Lia Eriksson are recruited to the IT and communications company Consid.

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