In the old premises of Riksbanken

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Engelbrektsgatan 4
702 12 Örebro
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Sebastian Kvarnström
+46 70-528 92 36


Welcome to our home in Örebro – a place with history in the air. 

We look out over the castle as we cross the bridge, and on the other side a beautiful bright building from the late 19th century stands in all its splendor. The big bank had the space for almost a hundred years, but now it’s time for Consid to become one with the magnificent building. Are you curious to see what it looks like from the inside? Well then. Join us for a tour!

The entrance and the first big room has extraordinary high ceilings and countless preserved details from the past. The foyer is unique and exclusive and invites visitors as well as employees directly into the large hall and the heart of the office. 

The contrast created by the light gray walls and the dark blue sofas as well as the heavy curtains gives the room a luxurious feeling. This place has a lounge area, tables and chairs, a bigger table in the middle of the room and a TV corner.

If you take a left you find a smaller office space and to the right you find the kitchen. This place also has another floor as well with a bigger kitchen area.

- We really like it here! The location in the city and the view of the castle, but also our open spaces that invite to social contexts.

Sebastian Kvarnström, Consid Örebro

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