Läxhjälpen x Consid

A Swedish homework help organisation

This industry is constantly evolving and in a couple of years we will be in need of a lot of new, skilled employees. But how will this even be possible when there are schools today where only 3 out of 10 continue on to high school? Our collaboration with Läxhjälpen is part of our work to change this.

As a leading player in the industry, we have a huge responsibility to ensure that the skills we need actually grow. Therefor, we want to inspire young people and show them the opportunities that the IT industry has to offer.

With a collaboration with the foundation Läxhjälpen, a non-profit foundation that provides free, results-focused homework help in socio-economically vulnerable areas, we have contributed a number of computers to their work management and homework help groups. These computers help the employees do their work and the students have the opportunity to use good aids. We wish that these computers will come in handy and help many students to manage school.

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