Full house as eight companies pitched their ideas at Perfect Pitch Jönköping


Consid's CEO and founder, Peter Hellgren, participated as a jury member in the prestigious Perfect Pitch event held in Jönköping.

Still a Long Way to Go: LGBTQIA+ Rights within tech


Today marks the beginning of Pride Month worldwide, commemorating the Stonewall uprising and aiming to highlight the collective struggle for equal rights within the LGBTQIA+ community. In Linköping, Sankt Kors and East Sweden Tech Women are organizing a breakfast panel in Ebbepark focused on inclusion in the workplace. The panel includes Johanna Hjalmarsson, UX designer at Consid.

Consid is nominated for the prestigious Human Growth Award 2023


Consid has been nominated for the prestigious HR award Human Growth Award 2023. Consid is one out of 15 companies that can win Sweden's most sought after HR prize.

Consid recruits three top names for Umeå office


Consid opened up their business in Umeå early 2023, now a few months in the company has recruited three new top names.

Debate: Companies’ responsibilities increase in a crisis


Consid's Per Thulemark and Peter Hellgren writes in Borlänge tidning about companies' responsibility during a crisis or recession.

Consid in media: Digi reports on new Oslo office on exclusive Karl Johans Gate


In an article on Digi, Consid Norway's CEO elaborates on what the new office in downtown Oslo means for the company.

IT and communications company expands in Jönköping


Consid has outgrown its 1100 square meter premises in Atollen, Jönköping, and is currently undertaking an expansion project to add an additional 360 square meters within the same building. This will provide a total area of nearly 1500 square meters for the company's 140 employees, offering them a scenic view overlooking the lake Munksjön.

Ellinor Hallett: If everything is prioritized, then nothing is prioritized.


Project manager and Sitevision specialist Ellinor Hallett, appointed Sitevision's Most Valuable Professional 2022, graces the pages of Sitevision's blog to expound on the significance of prioritization on one's website and the strategies for achieving success.

Swedish IT giant establishes presence on H.C. Andersen Boulevard in central Copenhagen


Consid recently moved in to a new office space at H.C. Andersen boulevard i central Copenhagen.

Consid in media: IT Watch repports on Consid’s first six months in Denmark


Consid Denmarks CEO Carl Hagberg reflects on the company's first six months in Denmark in an interview with IT Watch.

In the media: Consid is investing in gender-equal offices


In Sörmland's media business supplement, one can read on May 17th about Consid in Eskilstuna, which is one of the few workplaces in the male-dominated IT industry that has achieved a balanced gender distribution. The article includes interviews with Annika Virtanen, Anders Lundberg and Anna Johansson, who provide more information about Consid's various initiatives to create a more inclusive tech industry, both internally at Consid and externally throughout the industry.


Efficient sustainability efforts enable Consid to share in 300 million


Consid is one of the companies selected when the Agency for Digital Government, DIGG, recently procured IT services.

How can you increase employee experience with the help of AI?


Alexander Gustafsson, Head of Business Development and Solutions Architect at Consid, is now driving a new AI initiative linked to Sitevision. With the help of an AI chatbot, you can enhance employee experience and create business value through increased productivity, reduced support needs, and the ability to automate processes. Read more about how you can create a better employee experience by using AI in Alexander Gustafsson's blog post.

Consid wants to change the it-sector


The Skaraborgs Allehanda, a Swedish newspaper, features Consid's gender equality platform, Q by Consid, in an article. The reporter describes how Consid has significantly strengthened its presence in Skövde in a short period of time and how the company is now making a major effort to bring more women and non-binary individuals into the IT industry.

Consid wins deal with Swedish public service radio


Consid will be one of the companies working with Swedish National Radio and their new digital solutions.

Peter Hellgren

Consid’s CEO Peter Hellgren honored with a star


Consid's CEO and founder, Peter Hellgren, will be honored with a star at Vetlanda municipality's Honours Place.

Debate: The new LAS regulations increase the skills shortage and hinder innovation


LAS reforms pose a risk to the skills shortage in the Swedish IT industry, warns Consid CEO Peter Hellgren and HR Manager Anita Beslic in their debate article for Jönköpings-Posten.

Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid

Peter Hellgren to serve as expert judge for Perfect Pitch event


On the last day of May, Perfect Pitch will be held in Jönköping where eight companies will have the chance to pitch their ideas to an expert jury in five minutes, which includes Peter Hellgren. – It is a fantastic initiative that I am very happy to be a part of. If I can contribute with the knowledge that I have gained during Consid's journey to where we are today, then I really want to do that, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

The winners of the Swedish Corporate Esports Championship have been crowned


During yesterday evening, the finals of SCEC, Swedish Corporate Esports Championship, were decided. After an intense week with a total of 80 competing teams and over 144 hours of playtime, four teams were ready to play for the win. CGI won first place in CS:GO against LYKO, while Nordic Choice Hotels emerged victorious in Rocket League, with the team Toxic taking a strong second place.

Consid participates in a seminar in the Swedish Parliament


On Thursday, Consid's CEO, Peter Hellgren, participated in a seminar at the Swedish parliament which discussed the new employment protection act (LAS) rules that came into effect in October 2022.

The largest corporate esports tournament in Sweden commences.


On Monday evening, the Swedish Corporate Esports Championship kicks off, marking Sweden's largest corporate esports tournament. A total of 80 teams will compete in CS:GO and Rocket League.

NWT: New mentorship program aims to attract women and non-binary individuals to the IT industry


In an interview published in NWT, Ann Svalling, a mentor at Q Mentoria, sheds light on Consid's mentorship program for women and non-binary individuals. During the interview, Ann Svalling shares her experiences as a mentor and highlights the significance of inspiring others.

The registration for Q Mentoria is now open


The IT industry is facing significant challenges regarding diversity and equality. Recruiting more women is necessary for the industry's survival and development. Q Mentoria is now launching a new mentoring program that offers women and non-binary individuals exciting opportunities to explore tech and IT.

Consid wins procurement contract with Riksbank


Consid has won a procurement with Riksbanken. The agreement is valid for four years with a possibility of extension and covers, among other things, management, development, and support of the authority's external website and intranet.

CRN reports: Swedish IT company to Poland


The Polish news site CRN reports on Consid's expansion into Warsaw: "This is part of the plan to become a leader in IT in northern Europe."

Skövde News: Children Invited to Egg Hunt in Kyrkparken


The Skövde News publication is drawing attention to the Easter egg hunt organized by Consid, which will take place in 30 cities throughout Sweden on April 5th. Hidden inside the eggs are Roblox gift cards worth a total of 225,000 Robux, and Consid has pledged to donate a gift to those affected by the earthquake disaster through its partner, War Child, for every egg discovered.

Jönköping-Posten: The IT company from Jönköping is expanding – opening in Warsaw


Jönköpings-Posten reports on Consid's expansion into Poland. Consid is the next IT company to join the already high-quality and competitive Warsaw market. With a long and successful history and three successful launches outside its home country of Sweden, Consid is now taking its place as one of the major players.

Consid expands its operations into Poland


The vibrant Polish tech market continues to attract international tech giants. Consid, a fast growing Swedish it- and communications company, is now entering the Warzaw tech market. The goal is to have a team of 50 employees by the end of the year.

IT Watch DK - Carl Hagberg

The Danish IT news outlet IT WATCH reports on Consid’s successful journey


Following its entry into the Danish market last autumn, Swedish consulting firm Consid employs 20 staff members in Danmark. The company aims to double this number before the close of the calendar year.

Consid on Swedish Radio about personnel in military positions


In the Ekot interview on Swedish Radio, Peter Hellgren discusses the trend of companies with critical societal functions placing their personnel in military positions.

DIGG eng

The Swedish Agency for Digital Government chooses Consid


Consid has been awarded the procurement contract with the Swedish Agency for Digital Government, Digg. The assignment pertains to web services for Sitevision to further develop and manage several of Digg's websites and intranet. The contract period is for two years with the possibility of a two-year extension.

Consid’s tailored approach to Danish market drives success and sets them apart


The establishment of Consid's office in Denmark has progressed at lightning speed. Now, Sweden's best employer is ready to accelerate even more and seize the position in the neighboring country.

Consid Takes Part in “Rebuilding Ukraine” Initiative to Provide Support and Aid


At a high-level meeting at the Norrsken Foundation, Consid's sustainability manager, Nathalie Besèr, recently gave a presentation on how Consid focuses on providing psychosocial support and digital education to Ukrainian children.

Consid in the media: Companies need to do more for Ukraine


Consid in the media: Companies need to do more for Ukraine

Consid in the media: “We are constantly looking for new colleagues”


The newspaper Sydöstran interviews Elin Santonsson and Patrik Assarsson at Consid in the article series "Here are the jobs". In the article, readers can read about Consid's growth, the constant need for new employees, and what IT actually entails.

Dagens Opinion reports on Consid’s AI offer


Dagens Opinion reports on Consid's communication offering and how the latest in AI affects the offering.

Karlstad office sofa group by the stairs

Consid’s growth strategy: Creating a fun and homely work environment


Swedish media outlet, NWT, has recently published a detailed report on the unique corporate culture of IT consulting firm, Consid. According to the article, the company's philosophy for success is centered around ensuring that employees enjoy their jobs, both during and outside of work hours. Consid has been able to achieve this by providing fun activities for staff and building impressive offices.

Consid Moves into Historic Buildings in Örebro


The K-marked marble building in the city center has served as a bank for 110 years. Now, a new chapter awaits with the IT and communication company, Consid. The moving trucks are loaded, and the interior is being dismantled. Early in 2024, everything is expected to be in place for the new tenant.

Consid’s Aid Efforts in Ukraine Featured in Corren Newspaper Report


The newspaper Corren has published a comprehensive report detailing Consid's efforts to aid Ukraine, featuring Tord Strømdal, a project manager and business architect at Consid in Linköping.

Carolina Mohlin new Business Line Manager at Consid


Consid is making a significant investment in its Data & Insight business area, and has hired experienced professional Carolina Mohlin as its new Business Line Manager to lead the initiative. The company has long worked with clients in areas such as digital transformation, Cloud services, app development, IoT, and AI. Now, with Carolina Mohlin at the helm, Consid aims to help its clients take their data-driven strategies to the next level.

JP reports that the CEO of Consid is one of the most powerful tech leaders in Sweden


Jönköpings Posten reports that Consid's CEO, Peter Hellgren, has been named one of the most powerful tech leaders in Sweden.

Peter Hellgren, CEO at Consid

Peter Hellgren – Most influential profile in tech 2023


Consid's CEO, Peter Hellgren, has once again been appointed as one of the most influential figures in the technology industry. Tech50 is the prestigious list of the most powerful and influential people in technology in Sweden for 2023, and has been curated by representatives of Foundry and Techsverige.

IT engineer Yuliia fled Kyiv – got a job in Ljungby


A year after Russia launched its unjust war of aggression against Ukraine, fighting continues to rage in the country. More than 7,000 Ukrainian civilians have lost their lives, nearly 440 of them children, according to the United Nations. In connection with the invasion on February 24, 2022, Consid launched a campaign aimed at Ukraine where IT personnel were offered employment and accommodation in Sweden and help to get here. One of the people who came to Sweden and got a job at Consid is Yuliia from Kyiv.

The Swedish Corporate Esports Championship 2023


It is time to select the company with the best e-sports players. The Swedish Corporate Esports Championship 2023, also known as Företags-SM i E-sport, will be held from April 17th to 20th. The prize pool is worth 70,000 SEK.

The Coast Guard chooses Consid


The IT and communications company Consid wins the prestigious procurement of a framework agreement with the Coast Guard. The agreement mainly concerns system developers within both .Net and Java but also for testers of the Coast Guard's system.

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