IT engineer Yuliia fled Kyiv – got a job in Ljungby

A year after Russia launched its unjust war of aggression against Ukraine, fighting continues to rage in the country. More than 7,000 Ukrainian civilians have lost their lives, nearly 440 of them children, according to the United Nations. In connection with the invasion on February 24, 2022, Consid launched a campaign aimed at Ukraine where IT personnel were offered employment and accommodation in Sweden and help to get here. One of the people who came to Sweden and got a job at Consid is Yuliia from Kyiv.

IT engineer Yuliia quickly found a suitable job in Sweden after the Russian invasion. She and her teenage daughter have been living in Ljungby for just under a year, and they enjoy themselves even though the war is a daily reminder.

When the bombs started falling over Kyiv, Yuliia quickly left the country. The only question was where and how she would make a living. Through contacts on the Linkedin network, she learned that the IT company Consid in Sweden was looking for people with skills in system development.

– I received a message from a recruiter who helped Ukrainian women with IT training to get jobs abroad. I wrote to him and asked him to check my resume. Then it only took a few hours for Consid to get in touch with an offer, says Yuliia.

Staying until the war is over

Yuliia now lives and works at one of the company’s offices in Ljungby. These are significant contrasts from the millionaire city of Kyiv, where several of her relatives are. She tells SVT that she wants to stay in Sweden until there is peace again.

– There are mixed feelings. I’m in a new country with a different work culture. My colleagues told me from the beginning that they wanted to help with whatever I needed. And with that support, I felt that I wanted to give the job a chance, she says.

See the interview with Yuliia here.

Text: Kajsa Oscarson

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