The winners of the Swedish Corporate Esports Championship have been crowned

During yesterday evening, the finals of SCEC, Swedish Corporate Esports Championship, were decided. After an intense week with a total of 80 competing teams and over 144 hours of playtime, four teams were ready to play for the win. CGI won first place in CS:GO against LYKO, while Nordic Choice Hotels emerged victorious in Rocket League, with the team Toxic taking a strong second place.

The Swedish Corporate Esports Championship week started on Monday, with over 400 people divided into a total of 80 teams competing for the final spots in Rocket League and CS:GO. A total of 144 hours of playtime were completed, and finally, Toxic and Nordic Choice Hotels were ready for the Rocket League final, while CGI and LYKO were the CS:GO finalists.

– It has been a fantastic week with a high level in all matches, several unexpected twists, and absolutely fantastic gaming experiences. Yesterday’s final evening was no exception, says Anna Edstedt, host of SCEC 2023.

Anna Edstedt and Simon Zachrisson
Anna Edstedt and Simon Zachrisson

In the Rocket League final, played in the best of five matches, the teams Toxic and Nordic Choice Hotels competed for the win. Both teams had really strong players. In Toxic, one of last year’s finalists, Stefan, played as a player and team captain for Nordic Choice Hotels was none other than player Gylfen, who had won the Swedish rocket league. The teams met earlier in the week in the qualifiers, where Toxic was defeated 2-0. Nordic Choice Hotels remained undefeated all the way to the final and continued on the same path to win SCEC 2023 with 3-1.

– It feels naturally super fun! The win was not obvious; it was tough anyway. After 6-2 in the second match, we started with a new strategy where I started focusing more on sabotage, says Sir Lambi, one of the players in Nordic Choice Hotels, in the winning interview.

The team that took third place in Rocket League this year was none other than Consid Rouge, who fought well throughout the qualifiers. In the quarter-finals, they faced tough opposition when they met this year’s winners Nordic Choice Hotels. They then advanced to a semi-final where they met this year’s other finalists, Toxic, and were defeated.

This year, SCEC was also expanded to two games, in addition to Rocket League, CS:GO was also played. The pressure to compete in CS:GO was sky-high, and a total of 70 teams entered the qualifiers. After the qualifying week, 70 teams were reduced to two, and during the final evening, the teams CGI and LYKO met.

– CS:GO has become a kind of national sport in Sweden, and it is incredibly fun that so many teams participated in the qualifiers. CGI held a high level throughout the qualifiers, but LYKO’s fighting spirit should not be underestimated. Both teams are definitely worthy finalists, says Simon Zachrisson, host of SCEC 2023.

Already in the third match of the qualifiers, the two final teams, LYKO and CGI, met, where LYKO was defeated and pushed down to the loser bracket. CGI continued undefeated throughout the qualifiers, where they played a total of six matches to reach the final, while LYKO played a total of eleven matches. CGI was the favorite going into yesterday’s final but had to struggle when LYKO kept up, and everything was decided in overtime, where CGI won the victory.

– It was pretty expected. This is the fourth title we’ve won, it usually looks like this. It was unnecessarily close this time, though, it’s hard to close when you feel like you have it, says Wallack, captain of CGI in the winning interview.

In third place in CS:GO was Advania with their team Hellgamers. Advania had a total of twelve teams registered in the tournament. Hellgamers made it all the way to Wednesday’s semi-finals where they were defeated by CGI, and they got a second chance in the loser bracket against this year’s other finalist LYKO. LYKO was strong and Hellgamers were defeated, ending up with a bronze medal.

Results in SCEC 2023:

Rocket League

  1. Nordic Choice Hotels: 12,000 SEK in gift cards & winner hoodies
  2. Toxic: 6,000 SEK in gift cards
  3. Consid Rouge: 4,500 SEK in gift cards


  1. CGI: 20,000 SEK in gift cards & winner hoodies
  2. LYKO: 10,000 SEK in gift cards
  3. Advania Hellgamers: 7,500 SEK in gift cards

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