Artificial Intelligence

We secures the future of your business with AI

There is a huge potential in today’s AI technology. It is important to have order in the data and to dare to be creative. Then there are no limits to how AI can streamline operations.

Create business value with AI

The ability of a computer program to mimic human intelligence, especially in terms of cognitive functions such as learning, understanding languages, solving problems and generalizing, is phenomenal. We have only seen the beginning of this explosive development, but it has become increasingly present in everyday life and in all different types of activities.

Today, AI is available in a simple Google search, in robots that perform surgical procedures and in our smartphones. The technology has improved so much that it can beat the best human players in chess, Go, Alphabet and Jeopardy.

Consid’s consultants have, among other things, been involved in developing AI in streaming services ‘search functions, voice and voice recognition, and implemented it at several large grocery companies’ e-commerce warehouses.

– Today, it is often about an interaction between AI and humans. There are many features that humans are still best at, but there are also others where AI beats us by far. It is mainly about understanding and analyzing patterns, finding connections and looking into the future. AI is unbeatable there, says Patrik Zetterström.

Patrik Zetterström is one of Sweden’s foremost AI experts and has implemented several major AI solutions for companies. He is currently working with Ocado as an AI for a customer in the grocery industry. Ocados learns what customers in a particular place consume and when they consume it. Ocado makes predictions and makes sure that the right goods are available in the grocery company’s warehouse. Robots then make sure that the right products are sorted into the right delivery.

– The platform gives us the conditions to improve customer offerings and streamline trading. We reduce losses, while speeding up delivery, says Patrik Zetterström.

Tomorrow’s solutions will be even more comprehensive and include the entire chain, from order to delivery to customer. Then self-driving vehicles will also be a matter of course.

Main uses today

  • Manufacturing robots
  • Self-driving cars
  • Smart assistants
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Automated financial investments
  • Virtual travel booking agents
  • Social media monitoring
  • Chat tools between teams
  • Chatbots for conversation marketing
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool

Contact us if you want to know more

Consid helps you and your company to increase the level of knowledge about the possibilities that exist with AI. Consid can also support you in transforming the opportunities for increased business value.

Thanks to Consid’s long experience and deep knowledge in AI, we are part of your entire AI journey. Consid can be anything from consultants to building and deploying AI algorithms. Contact us and we will tell you more about how AI could lift your business.

In need of AI solutions?

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