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The sister company of Consid, Paradigm, is a specialized partner for ambitious clients, sharing expertise in brand development through innovation, brand strategy, digital transformation and design. For more than a decade the brand consultancy Paradigm has helped iconic brands develop. Paradigms solid work has resulted in wins in ”Årets byrå”, ”Guldägget” and ”Svenska Designpriset”.


Jeanette Arvidsson

Head of branding +4673 375 79 59

Brand strategy

Brand strategy is your action plan for putting your brand to work. Ultimately, it’s about defining and creating an idea that goes beyond products and services: a purpose that explains why your company exists. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of your business and is directly connected to consumer needs and emotions.

Design and brand experience

The design is your brand’s face and identity, a tool to express your uniqueness, and position your brand on the market. The right design communicates your values and keeps your brand relevant over time. A design that empowers you to create a strong emotional bond with your customers. But how do you know when the design is right? When it uniquely and memorably expresses your brand’s values.

Communication strategy

Communication strategy translates business goals into communicative goals. By defining key target audiences, potential messaging and distribution models, it helps you and your organization communicate effectively and ensures that core organisational objectives are met. To be successful, you need to understand your audience’s decision-making process.

Brand activation

New brand platforms, visual identities and communication strategies must all be implemented to have any value. That means getting your employees on board. Training materials and tools that speak to all their senses will help them understand what’s required of them and make it easier to turn them into brand ambassadors.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a fundamental shift that affects all parts and levels of companies and organisations, where the lines between product and service, as well as between customer, supplier, producer and competitor are blurred. Behaviours, needs and expectations change as new technology becomes available and new generations enter society.


We help companies and organizations capture the creative ideas and innovations that are constantly created in workplaces and in dialogue with customers. We use established tools and processes to build long-term sustainable strategies that can be fully integrated into our clients’ operations.

Naming and commercial packaging

Company, product and service names are the gateways to your brand. Great naming can significantly boost awareness of your brand and its offerings. Names are product marketing. The names we choose for our offerings should close the gap between what’s unique about the offering and what customers should expect from your brand.

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