Business Intelligence

At Business Intelligence we help our customers to create decision support systems for entire work processes.


In the future, the most successful companies will be those that are information-driven – that is, those that make the best use of statistics and analyses of customer need and behaviours.

Imagine doing a campaign for a certain product through advertising in newspapers, on TV and in social channels. If the company has actual stores, there are store counters that analyse the number of visitors, and customers can also order goods via e-commerce. Regardless of purchase method, after the delivery the customer can respond to an e-mail about how they have perceived the response, possible installation, function of the product, etc. In our business area Business Intelligence, we use information to create modern decision support systems, from which we can analyse a number of KPIs, trends and margins to form the base of coming activities.

Examples of areas we analyse are numbers of visits in stores, campaign impact in social media and other media, conversion of visits, quotation and orders, e-commerce, staff efforts and behaviours, and product earnings.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Strategic preliminary work with maturity analysis
  • Definition of target image and GAP analysis
  • Definition of BI strategy and creation of a roadmap
  • Establishment/verification of a competent BI organisation – BICC
  • Choice of technical platform
  • Proof of concept
  • Implementation of BI roadmap
  • BI projects
  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Administration
  • Cloud solutions
  • Project management

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