We help you to get the most out of cloud computing.

We help our customers get the most out of cloud computing. When evaluating, approaching, choosing cloud computing supplier and implementing, we have the customer’s situation in mind and are directed by legality, suitability and the customers prerequisites to use cloud computing.


Carl Nakamura

Manager Cloud +46734-08 56 67

Within the Cloud business area, we possess competence and experience of evaluating the current situation and adapting approaches to establish and develop the organization’s abilities to benefit from cloud computing. But we also realize ideas and achieve effects by using cloud computing. Furthermore, we have services within system and integration development, where the utilization of cloud computing is normal.

We can contribute with establishment of Cloud Center of Excellence, management, planning, structure and methods for implementation of cloud computing within central IT functions. In addition, we can contribute to the definition and realization of impact goals and assist with commitments within functionality, projects or as an addition of competence and capacity. 

Our services cover:

  • ClearPath kickstarts
    • Introduction
    • Formulation of concept 
    • Formulation of goals and strategies  
    • POC/POV
    • Evaluation of legality, sustainability and supplier 
  • Consulting services 
    • Architecture and methodology 
    • Project and change management and organizational development for DevOps 
    • Landing Zones with automated control and monitoring, including safety principles 
    • System and integration development of cloud computing services
    • Modernisation of applications
  • Commitments 
    • System and integration management 
    • DevOps team

Consid är Partner till Microsoft på Guldnivå - Microsoft Gold Partner


Our partners and platforms within cloud computing

Amazon Web Services logo png

Amazon Web Services

Amazons cloud platform, AWS, provides reliable, scalable and cost-effective cloud computing.
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Google Cloud logo png

Google Cloud Platform

Googles cloud platform, GPC, a series of safe and cost-effective cloud computing services.
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Microsoft Azure logo png

Microsoft Azure

Microsofts cloud platform, Azure, enables creation, hosting, development and management of web applications.
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