Information Security

Within Information Security we help our customers gain full control of their most important asset – the information.



We are convinced that security needs to be a part of both culture and decision making on all levels. With proper management, employees can become the biggest asset in maintaining the right level of security and contributing to continuous business development.

The ability to manage and structure information is central to all organisations. Highly efficient processes are crucial in order to create benefits, build trust and maintain proactive latitude. Most organisations also handle personal information or other sensitive information. A leak, infringement or other incident can have devastating consequences for the brand. The businesses that succeed in taking a comprehensive grasp of their information will create the right conditions for digital transformation, business development and innovation, thus strengthening their decision-making capacity at all levels.

By mapping out how our customers create, use and store information and by analysing information flows from a user perspective, we can describe the information assets and the right protective measures. We produce key metrics that measure the impact of operations, define roles and responsibilities, and create structured ways of reporting and communication. Our focus is to ensure business continuity and to create security in decision making.

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