Through our business area Mobility we help our customers to create scalable and safe mobile solutions for the entire product life cycle – from innovation and development to management and optimisation.

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In a world full of an increasing number of platforms and technologies, our users demand more than ever. Thanks to mobility being positioned at the forefront of technology and the fact that we can help customers become more mobile, we are able to offer a complete partnership in mobility.

The concept “Mobile First” has become more important and is now central in our customers’ operations. Through this concept we are able to expose our customers’ offer and increase their sales. As our mobile devices take up more space in our everyday lives, the demands on the quality of mobile solutions are high. Not only from a market-based and profit-driven perspective, but also when it comes to the technical infrastructure, security and usability of the applications.

We are experts in all phases of mobile initiatives, whether it regards the definition of or the implementation of a mobile strategy. Using the right technology we help customers create sustainable applications with the user in focus.

Our portfolio includes: 

  • Concept and Design
  • Native Apps (iOS, Android)
  • Cross platform solutions
  • HTML5/Web Apps/Responsivity
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Authentication, Secure Data Transfer, Encryption, etc.
  • Mobile Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Testing and Quality Assurance for Mobile Services
  • Connected Hardware, Bluetooth, NFC, Beacon Technology, etc.
  • Push Notifications, In-App Purchase and similar integrated technologies
  • Management of Commission Files, Keystores, and Certificates
  • Infrastructure for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for Mobile

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