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Based on your dreams and needs, we build the apps of the future. Scalability and security are always our top priorities, from innovation and development to management and optimization.

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Our business area App Development holds some of the top app developers in the country. Together with our customers they unleash hopes, dreams, and business value – every day. Fortifying our position at the forefront of development, our coworkers have vast and deep expertise within all areas involving apps.

Not too long ago, apps were used as quite simple extensions to the cellphone, such as games or extra camera functions. Today, apps serve as essential tools in our everyday lives – for personal identification, health and medical contacts, or for exploring the digital world of dating. Apps are no longer only in our cellphones; we use them in TVs, smart watches, cars – and this is just the beginning. More and more appliances are connected to the internet and IoT, Internet of Things, is growing rapidly. The fact that appliances are smart and able to communicate opens up even more opportunities for apps, which means that we can count on using apps for basically all areas of our lives in the near future.

At Consid we’re always ready to help you all the way from idea to the final launch in Google Play or AppStore. We maintain and develop your mobile apps to keep them updated and optimized for the requirements of the market, as well as for your wishes and needs. We also supply extra competence to customers who prefer to carry out their own app development.

The term “Mobile First” has become a central part of our customers’ businesses, and indispensable everyday tools like cellphones and other mobile devices serve as windows for introducing new products or services and increasing sales. This means that today’s and tomorrow’s mobile solutions need to meet requirements regarding not only technical quality, security, and usability, but also when it comes to market value and business profitability.

We’re experts of all aspects of mobile initiatives, whether it involves defining a mobile strategy or implementing it. Using the most suitable technology in every project, we’ll help you create sustainable apps always with the users’ experience as our main focus.

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