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When developing apps and mobile services, accessibility is paramount. We’re very experienced in digital accessibility, which has been a natural part of our mobile solutions for many years.

Development of digital apps

To us, digital accessibility is always a priority when creating mobile solutions.

Around 20 percent of the population has some form of disability, such as impaired vision or mobility. For these people satisfactory digital accessibility can be crucial. Apps that are designed and adapted to be accessible are often quicker and easier to use – for all users. This is why accessibility imbues all our development work.

All companies and organizations today need to include accessibility in their daily work, not only for meeting standards and regulations but also for ensuring that all users – also those with disabilities – can make the most of digital applications. We provide an accessibility analysis, which is an assessment of how accessible your current application is. The analysis is based on the Web Accessibility Directive, international guidelines, and specific accessibility guidelines for different platforms.

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