Management and further development of mobile applications

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Our app developers continuously maintain and improve your mobile services so that they meet your needs and ambitions and are updated according to the latest standards and regulations.

Management and further development

A mobile application is not the same as a server-based service. For example, the user has to make an active choice to update the operating system as well as the application itself in each unit; a time-consuming procedure, as the number of platforms and units tend to grow. The applications are provided through a designated marketplace (AppStore or GooglePlay), where users have the opportunity to rate their experiences of the application.

We’ll guide you through the management jungle, ensuring your apps always meet your expectations and current legislation. By monitoring flows, crashes, errors, judgements, ratings, response time, uptime, etc, we make sure our data-driven further development includes continuous actions that reduce inaccuracies and support issues. Our development teams are agile and staffed to meet your specific needs.

Meeting the frequent launch flow of new versions of operating systems, mobile phones, etc, we work proactively to stay on top of the latest technical innovations. We provide suggestions and recommendations that ensure your systems are fully compatible, enabling your end users to enjoy optimized versions of your applications.

Our work also includes receiving, analysing, and resolving reported issues through defined channels and case management integrations.

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