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Our expertise in Push notifications, In-app purchases, and other integrated technologies forms a solid foundation for user-friendly and well-functioning apps.

Push notifications and In-app purchases

Do you need notifications in your app? Automatic and controllable through an administration interface? Will users be able to make purchases through the app? Maybe a function for subscription and continuous user account deductions? Endless functions can be included in an app – and there are just as many technical solutions for including them.

Notifications in your app

Today you often see that push notifications, short messages, pop up on the display of your cellphones. Whether it’s the latest news, great dinner tips or a message about your tax return from your digital mailbox, they all have one sole purpose – to send tailored information to the person on the other side of the app. What are the main benefits with this kind of communication?

Why push notifications?

As an app supplier, you can use push notifications to promote products or services, enhance user interaction, or send out distinct “call-to-actions” at times when the user is most likely to act. Push notifications are good options for catching your users’ attention, as they don’t get caught in spam filters or engulfed in the email inbox. Also, they can reach a very high “click-through rate”.

Are you using push notifications in the best possible way today? Did you that “best practice” for maximizing the click rate is a limit of 10 words per message? We’ll help you decide how, when, and why to communicate through push notifications.

Enabling In-app purchases

In-app purchase is a function that lets your users buy products, services, content, or subscriptions in the app, for example extra lives in an online game or exclusive news articles. When providing In-app purchases, you will be able to distribute your app for free in AppStore or Google Play without losing the opportunity to make a profit. This is called a “Freemium” model, which means that you earn money during usage of the app rather than during installation.

Why In-app purchases?

There are several reasons to provide In-app purchases. First, apps that are free of charge have a higher download rate. It’s also easier for you to address different target groups, with various purchasing power, in the same app. In other words, In-app purchases open the door to new markets and users, enabling you to find new creative marketing methods to highlight the term “upselling”. App developers will also be able to explore new revenue flows from loyal users.

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