The Gevalia Palace from 1890

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Nygatan 25
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Torbjörn Bäckström
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Welcome to The Gevalia Palace from 1890 and our office space in Gävle!

In 1978, a major renovation was done in The Gevalia Palace, but much of the interior and exterior were kept to preserve. This is something we are happy about – because it really is something special about the details of the building.

Before we moved in a lot of renovation was done. Doors that were not used were rebuilt, glass walls were installed and a marble kitchen and wardrobes and shelves were built. Suddenly, the rooms had taken on a whole new life. 

- Our office is everything we could dream of. We are reminded daily of how pretty our place is, when customers and recruits completely lose their chin when they enter through the entrance door.

Torbjörn Bäckström, Consid Gävle

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