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Vasagatan 54
411 37 Gothenburg
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Carl Hagberg
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Welcome to Consid Gothenburg!

After many years at Mölndalsvägen in Gothenburg, we moved into our brand new space in the middle of Gothenburg’s prime street – Avenyn. Not only is it located in the middle of the city, but the office also has a rarely seen elegance and style.

When we first came into contact with what would later become our office, it was hard to imagine that the result would be the open space it is today. The property is from the 19th century and we have created an open, bright office with a number of rooms with glass walls. The heart of the space is the living room and the bistro.

- Our office is a place where you meet others, exchange ideas and where you can feel like home. I really think we succeeded!

Petter Bergström, Regional Manager Consid Gothenburg

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