Old meets new at the loft in the harbor


Welcome to Consid Helsingborg – a loft with a view of the Danish coast.

Right next to the water at the harbor, you will find a majestic building. Inside the old stone walls, a rustic environment awaits in perfect harmony with crisp flower bouquets, sunlight finding its way in and a bistro beyond the ordinary.

At first glance, you might think that the office has been treated with love for decades, but in fact at the beginning of 2018, a dusty and forgotten attic was found and the decision to completely renovate it was made. 

Glass walls were placed inside the different rooms and floors were replaced. Now, this is a place to feel at home and colleagues often use the office even outside working hours for different gatherings with friends. 

- We were looking for a feeling of ”home” rather than an office, which I really think we have succeeded with.

Elisabeth Paulsson, Consid Helsingborg

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