The headquarter


Welcome to Consid’s headquarter in Jönköping. We can proudly say that we have the nicest office in town. Something we don’t seem to be alone in thinking. A lot of times people stop outside the big windows and say: ”Wow, is this a hotel?”.

Before we took over this place, there used to be a sports shop in here. Now, we have transformed it into an extraordinary office, with the most practical conference rooms, room for gatherings with colleagues and friends, an open office landscape and interior details making everything a little bit extra.

“Wow, what a luxurious champagne bar! It looks so nice in here.”

Well, let’s say that the questions about our spectacular headquarter in Jönköping are many. How can this be an office? Sometimes we question it ourselves, but then we realize that we are not a regular company, with a normal office.

We think outside the box and we are not afraid to stand out. We are Consid, and you will notice. 

- We want to create more than a workplace - it should be a meeting place, where our employees can be happy.

Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid AB

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