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Ågatan 24-26, Citygallerian
374 36 Karlshamn
+46 36-120210

Office Manager

Alexander Hansson
+46 70-830 44 21


Consid has a long history of creating beautiful and award-winning office environments and the office in Karlshamn is no exception. The building, The telegraf and post office, was built in 1913 in a national romantic style. The house stands on a well-hewn granite plinth and the facade is bricked by hard-burnt, dark red brick, with decorative patterned walls over the windows. The roof consists of glazed brown-red brick and the large entrance has a room height of 5.5 m. The office is 470 sqm large and was previously housed by Televerket. But now it’s Consid’s hub for mobile development. From telephone exchanges to mobile telephony and apps, quite frankly. Welcome to visit us at Ågatan 24-26! 

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