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Sankt Larsgatan 42
582 24 Linköping

Office Manager

Henrik Boström
+46 73-324 63 04

VD Consid Communication
Douglas Lindevall
+46 70-977 10 03


Welcome to Consid Linköping – a spectacular place for exciting meetings and new contexts.

In the middle of Linköping’s pub street, Consid found a raw wind filled with things from the last 100 years. In true Consid spirit, with the “nothing is impossible” attitude, we gave it a total makeover. Today, the space which has a raw, industrial touch with a lot of elements of bricks and metals, is what we want to call Linköping’s most attractive office. We got a chance to redraw the areas very freely in good cooperation with the local property owner. A floor plan was drawn, where both balcony and new window sections were allowed to take place – a complete new building on the roof.

- The idea from the very beginning was old meets new, with an industrial feeling. Everyone should be able to thrive here - both employees and customers.

Henrik Boström

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