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Stationsgatan 2
341 69 Ljungby
+46 372-86 03 0

Office Manager

Christian Lüddeckens
+46 70-618 60 32


Welcome to Consid Ljungby – an open office with style!

Visiting our office in Ljungby – you step out of the elevator and through a couple of glass doors and you will reach all employees in an open office. The walls are filled with diplomas from awards as well as our proudest deliveries and the bright, open climate invites to creative meetings.

By going down the stairs to the lower floor of the office you are met by the barista bar, where the cappuccino cups are neatly lined up on the shelf above the sink. We dare to say that Ljungby’s best coffee is brewed right here. 

- Open spaces with lots of light that invites to collaborations and informal meetings are very important to us.

Christian Lüddeckens, Consid Ljungby

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