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Västgötegatan 13C
602 21 Norrköping

+46 36 120 210

Office Manager

Fredrik Hammar
+46 73-209 27 11

Welcome to Consid in Norrköping!

In Norrköping, we have a breadth of expertise that means we can really deliver in the entire chain. From requirements, design, UX, development and architecture to project management, testing and digital marketing.

Our approximately seventy employees in Norrköping can also offer specialist skills such as agile coaching, administrative management and SEO. On the development side, we have our weight in .NET, Azure and app development. We have solid experience working with new development and management.

Among old textile factories and narrow streets, one of the city’s most stylish offices is hiding. Here, the industrial feeling is combined with the development of new technological innovations.

Across the bridge and past the little creek, further up the street and to the left we arrive to a welcoming courtyard. In one of the buildings, up on the second floor, someone is waving from the window. It’s time to visit the office in Norrköping!

The glass walls that have been set up to create smaller work spaces help and the light from outside spreads throughout the office and in the middle of the room we find two big sofas with puffy pillows. Some colleagues are having a cup of coffee. It’s a quiet day at the office.

- What I really like about our office is that it feels like you step into an old industrial space when you arrive in the morning.

Fredrik Hammar, Consid Norrköping

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