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Påvel Snickares gränd 12
753 20 Uppsala
+46 73-955 53 95

CEO Consid Uppsala

Niclas Hedenskog
+46 73-955 53 95


Matilda Niemi
+46 73-318 69 91

Welcome to Consid in Uppsala

At Consid in Uppsala there are mainly system developers with an engineering background with skills in C#, .Net, Java, Frontend, C++, App, Epi, Umbraco etc and a number of project managers and business developers. We also have expertise in app development and management. The number of employees belonging to the Uppsala office is approximately sixty people.

Consid is one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies and offers complete solutions in IT, business development and communication. We have gathered the industry’s leading expertise to create long-term and sustainable value for some of the country’s leading companies.

Consid in Uppsala is an office that undoubtedly falls into the category as one of the most beautiful in the country.

During 1940s, the city’s bank director lived here at Påvel Snickares Gränd 12, and there is certainly something special about stepping into the foyer at Stora torget in Uppsala.

It was in November 2017 that the space officially became ours. After careful renovation and furnishing, the grand apartment had reached entirely new heights. 330 sqm would soon become 550 and in May 2019 we moved into the penthouse on floor two. At this office you automatically burst out “wow” around every corner. 

Welcome to our office in Uppsala!

- We absolutely love our office in Uppsala and I am convinced that I do not speak for myself when I say that it is a real pleasure coming here every morning.

Niclas Hedenskog, CEO Consid Uppsala

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Niclas Hedenskog VD Consid Uppsala

Niclas Hedenskog

CEO Consid Uppsala +46 73-955 53 95 Read more
Matilda Niemi medarbetare Consid

Matilda Niemi

Recruiter Uppsala & Sundsvall +46 73-318 69 91 Read more

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