From button factory to top-notch office

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Jönköpingsvägen 41
331 34 Värnamo
+46 36-12 02 10

Office Manager

Peter Bäckrud
+46 70-370 85 66


Welcome to Consid Värnamo – the picturesque office in the old button factory!

Yes, originally this was a button factory. The historic venue, which consists of a loft, is located in the heart of Värnamo and the work environment in here is a rarely seen view. 

When we moved in, the ambition was to keep the genuine feeling and the character of the room and also to create a living room as a workplace.

Welcome to a warm and welcoming environment where history remains and where the industrial heritage shines through.

- We really enjoy our office! You literally want to be here all day, even after working hours.

Peter Bäckrud, Consid Värnamo

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