Perspektiv på digitalisering

An e-book about digitalisation

The transformational power of digitalisation holds a lot of opportunities, but also challenges. We can see how workplaces have changed through automation and we are faced with new and difficult privacy issues when connected gadgets and digital services track, collect and store data about what we do, what we like and where we are. But somewhere, perhaps, a more comprehensive picture of us is created.

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How can we curb manipulation, disinformation and digitally personalised impact campaigns? It’s not only external players whom reduce our freedom, the algorithms of the platforms have transformed our own clicks into censorship tools and we create our own space of opinions.

Our democracy is threatened. However, there are major risks with an overly regulatory policy. Perhaps the solution is total openness and transparency.

In the spring of 2019, a seminar series was organized in The Swedish Parliament, in collaboration with us, Consid AB. The topic was digitalisation.

This book uses the series as an offspring to further development in the subject.

It’s our hope that this book will increase knowledge and openness for a necessary discussion about how we, as a country, but also in dialogue with the rest of the world, can work to create a better future for all of us..