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We work with some of the world’s leading organizations, tools and platforms in order to deliver world-class digital solutions. Read more about our partners here.

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Our partners and platforms within cloud computing

Amazon Web Services logo png

Amazon Web Services

Amazons cloud platform, AWS, provides reliable, scalable and cost-effective cloud computing.
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Google Cloud logo png

Google Cloud Platform

Googles cloud platform, GPC, a series of safe and cost-effective cloud computing services.
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Microsoft Azure logo png

Microsoft Azure

Microsofts cloud platform, Azure, enables creation, hosting, development and management of web applications.
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Digital Workplace, Experience & e-Commerce

Our partners within digital worklplace, experience & e-Commerce

Bizzkit logo png


Bizzkit is an e-commerce platform that strengthens businesses with the help of its complete platform that includes both CMS, DAM, PIM and a powerful ecosystem.
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Contentful logo png


Contentful is an API-centric CMS system created to manage and publish content in all digital channels - to build digital experiences.
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Episerver Optimizely logotype png

Episerver / Optimizely

Optimizely's platform helps growing companies compete digitally through content management and e-commerce solutions that create higher Customer Lifetime Value, increased brand loyalty and greater revenue.
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Litium logo png


Lithium is a cloud-based e-commerce platform with high performance where, among other things, PIM and CMS are integrated. Lithium is well suited for companies focused on both B2C and B2B.
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Consid är Partner till Microsoft på Guldnivå - Microsoft Gold Partner


We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, where we have, among other things, achieved the highest level of partnership in the areas of Application Development, Application Integration and Cloud Platform.
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NopCommerce logo png


NopCommerce is a free open source e-commerce platform that offers powerful out-of-the-box functionality for e-merchants focused on both B2C and B2B.
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Sitecore logo png


Sitecore is a CMS platform that is basically built as an integrated platform with support for global, multilingual content and provides the flexibility that companies require.
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Sitevision ny logotyp svart png


Sitevision is a Swedish product company with two main products - a powerful CMS and a packaged solution for social intranets.
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UI Path logo png

UI Path

UI Path is an automation platform that, with the help of RPA, allows organizations to automate and streamline processes.
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Umbraco logo png


Umbraco is a flexible and open source-based CMS based on ASP.NET that is used by over half a million websites today.
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Uniform logo png


Uniform is a tool that creates fast and personalized sites and integrates directly with the existing CMS, such as Sitecore and Contentful.
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Wordpress logo png


WordPress is a free, open source content management and blogging tool used to build websites, blogs and apps.
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Our partners within Digital Asset Management & Product Information Management

Byndor logo png


Binder's DAM platform allows teams to collaborate in the cloud in order to deliver content faster and maximize the benefits of digital assets.
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Celum logo png


Celum provides the market with a DAM platform for easy management of digital assets and a collaborative tool for increased productivity.
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Censhare logo png


Censhare's DAM platform centralizes and automates content management for smooth handling in all channels and in all languages.
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Digizuite logo png


Digizuite's DAM platform creates a single source for all digital assets, which enables better control over the brand and maximizes its impact throughout the customer journey.
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Gryphon logo png


Gryphon is a competent PIM platform for small and medium-sized companies that supports print, among other things.
ImageVault logo png


ImageVault is a DAM system that makes it easy and secure to collaborate with a digital media library.
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Inriver is a PIM company with a SaaS solution that helps its customers build better experiences.
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Mediaflow logo png


Mediaflow develops DAM tools that create more efficient workflows around digital assets, such as image, video and brand.
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QBank logo png


QBank specializes in solutions within DAM that make it easy for marketers to gather the entire organization's digital assets in one place.
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Martech & Digital marketing

Our partners within Martech & Digital marketing

Apsis logo png


Apsis creates personal and scalable marketing solutions to enable companies to reach their target audiences better and make their business grow faster.
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Rek.ai logo png


Rek.ai is a relatively new actor whose idea is to create a portfolio of AI-powered tools for websites that are all built on Rek.ai's own platform.
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Siteimprove logo png


Siteimprove is a SaaS solution that helps organizations to deliver an optimized website experience and to drive growth through information and suggestions for measures.
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