Q Rendezvous

Networking for a more equal line of business

Q Rendezvous is Consid’s gender equality platform, founded with the aim to change the fact that only 28% of people working in the IT industry consists of women.


Therese Eriksson

Brand Manager

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Q = woman, Rendezvous = meeting

We believe that it’s through interaction with other people, that we are able to really make a difference. Therefore, we gather people at events all around the country to educate, engage, network and strengthen our industry. Through Q Rendezvous, we offer a platform where you get the opportunity to meet inspiring people who work in your city.

Have you ever left a meeting feeling energized, inspired and fulfilled with a strong “I can do it” feeling? We believe that this kind of interaction is the key to achieving new goals, whether it’s about your career or other aspects of your life. Q Rendezvous is the platform that gives you the boost and courage to take another step on your journey.

Personal meetings, reinforced power

By sharing contacts, experiences and insights we can help each other make substantial difference in our business. Together we can create a future we believe in.

All women who work in, or are interested in IT and digitalization are welcome to Q Rendezvous. Do you want to join us?

QR Sessions

Episode 1: Amanda Rällby

What it's like working with human resources and recruitment, and what we should do about the inequality in the IT industry.

Episode 2: Paula Wallner

About working in sales and what you need to think about when you work as a customer manager.

Episode 3: Hanna Sommardahl

About the role as project manager. Hanna gives you advice!

Episode 4: Victoria Dahlqvist

What it's like working as a system developer in a male-dominated industry.

Episode 5: Mallory Fraiche

About her work as a .NET developer and what she appreciates in Sitecore projects.

Episode 6: Ellinor Hallett

About her role in Consid's Sitevision team and the importance of accessibility.

Episode 7: Christel Björck

About how she, as a project- and consulting manager, works to be a female role model.
“Through Q Rendezvous we can promote role models and create a context for women.”

Therese Eriksson, National Project Manager

Q Rendezvous events

Nordic Tech House

QR x Nordic Tech House

Key people in the industry meet at Hillenberg in Stockholm.


About female pension savings with SPP.

QR x Athena

Meet up with SAAB's female network Athena.

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