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In our work for Akademiska Hus we have developed structure and functionality through a new customized intranet. Read about how we proceeded below!


The initial challenge was developing a customized intranet for Akademiska Hus based on the needs identified by a study.

Supporting them with social functions, collaboration functions and document management was the focus and also increasing the conditions for effective working methods, collaboration and feedback within the organization. 

– Our existing intranet was over 10 years old and much had happened during those years. We saw the need of cleaning up old documents and starting over with something new and modern. Giving more opportunities to easily share experiences and documents was also a wish, Ann Söderström, Internal Communications Manager at Akademiska Hus, says.

The assignment consisted of transferring certain functions from an already existing intranet to a new intranet built on a more sustainable platform. Creating a solution with a focus on simplicity and accessibility without compromising on functionality was also the focus throughout the assignment. In addition to the technical part, the focus was also to create an appealing design that facilitates the daily work of the employees at Akademiska Hus.


Everything is based on SiteVision’s standard modules, but adapted to Akademiska Hus’s specific needs. The solution has smart menu structure and an easily accessible, comprehensive function menu. The employees also have the opportunity to adapt parts of the intranet to their own needs. The intranet’s design is developed by our business area Communication and based on Akademiska Hus’s graphic profile. The entire solution follows the Web directive.


Aka Campus is the new name of the intranet and it’s currently supporting over 500 employees and hundreds of consultants. The intranet provides information and documents to employees, but also contains social functions that enable collaboration.

A scalable solution sustainable in the long run contributes to both cost efficiency and internal efficiency in terms of information and coordination.

– We are very pleased with our choice of platform and the results we have received. Our wish was to use standard solutions as far as possible and we have succeeded. It has been easy to teach our editors how to use the tool and users have gotten a boost to get organized. It is also really easy to find what you are looking for and we have already seen increased activity, Ann Söderström, Internal Communication Manager at Akademiska Hus, says.

About Akademiska Hus

Akademiska Hus is a property owner founded in 1992 with a market share of 60%, based in Gothenburg. The company is owned by the Swedish State with the task of offering universities and colleges premises, and builds and manages sustainable environments in 16 locations in Sweden.

"It has been easy to teach our editors how to use the tool and the users are organized and ready."

Ann Söderström, Akademiska Hus

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