New electricity trading platform

Bixia trades with power on the Nordic electricity exchange, and it’s important to have good systems around trading. Together we created a new platform from the ground up with security, accessibility and user-friendliness in focus.

The challenge

Bixia wants to offer its customers a new portal in the future with several smart functions to be able to buy and sell electricity in the best way. There was a need for a new internal system to handle business, as well as collect data to be able to further develop its analysis department.

Bixia already has an existing system solution that was considered to be not so sufficiently flexible and reliable for the future. Bixia faced major challenges in how to proceed. What functions were needed and can they be automated? How do customers want to work in the future, and how can Bixia meet its customers digitally in the future? These were questions that the company needed answered.

With this basis, the collaboration between Consid and Bixia started and the development of Bixia’s new modern and future-proof platform as well.

The solution

The assignment was initiated in April 2018 and was introduced with a workshop between the companies where we together came to a conclusion about what the business’s needs and requirements for future solutions needed to look like.

The project was then divided into several implementation stages to quickly generate business benefits, ROI (return of investment) and at the same time lay the foundation for a secure, integrated and scalable solution.

The solution is built in .NET Core and React and Azure has also been used for construction and release. The architecture is built according to micro service architecture. Throughout the work, the project has focused on building a secure solution. At the beginning of the project, automatic construction was set up to be able to support continuous release, to streamline and quality assure successive delivery.

The result

Bixia now has a new platform for calculating prices. Initially, Consid developed an internal system for handling order closures for Bixia’s trading desks. To give a good overview of the different parts of the system, there is now a dashboard.

Bixia’s previous system required several manual routines, which led to undesirable effects and inefficiencies, where a lot of time had to be spent on troubleshooting, which in turn contributed to even more manual work. Today’s solution is fully automated, which means great time savings, security and increased quality.

The solution also includes functions for external communication such as automatic email sending. The built-in authorization system, together with the platform’s ability for external communication, provides opportunities for Bixia to direct its communication to the right target groups. This has led to the platform now being better at supporting Bixia’s business both internally and in customer collaboration.

The project continues with new sub-projects where Consid will develop a new customer portal in the future.

About Bixia

Bixia take great part in the expansion of locally produced electricity from renewable energy sources by promoting local initiatives and investing in local producers. Bixia’s goal is to contribute to positive and green change and it mainly trades from small wind turbines in Skåne, Östergötland, Västergötland and on Öland.

Bixia trades without intermediaries and the money goes directly back to the producer, who can invest in more renewable electricity. Bixia is a direct player on the Nordic electricity exchange Nordpool, which creates a head start and a constant control of the electricity market.

- We are very proud of the result where we have created a platform for the entire Bixia electricity trade - an electricity trade platform at the forefront.

Maria Olsson, Project Manager at Consid  

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