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As Brenderup became independent in 2014, the need for communication became more important. The collaboration with us resulted in an international and state-of-the-art web platform. Read more about it below!


The major challenge was to create a solution in a very short time where the manufacturer could streamline the dialogue with its customers and retailers for a variety of brands and markets. The challenge was to quickly create digital presence with PIM systems and e-commerce.

The assignment began with a study where the need was identified in order to create a clear roadmap and plan around the functionality that needed to be secured on the platform.

With this as a basis, it was established that Brenderup’s digital platform Sitecore needed to be upgraded to create an integrated and scalable solution. The opportunity to take on new brands and markets at the same platform was important.


To meet the identified need, a solution was developed where Sitecore was lifted from version 6.5 to version 8. Today Brenderup has a complete solution where you can place orders directly in the integrated system connected to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

International markets’ web platforms are now integrated in an efficient way, and new websites for new markets and remaining brands will be out in the near future, thanks to the scalability and adaptability offered by the solution.

In addition, our business area Application Management has continuously been able to offer platform management to ensure its quality.


Brenderup now has a brand new web platform built on adopted technology with great opportunities to make changes, edit content and expand to other markets and brands.

Just a few weeks after the launch, Brenderup started receiving orders directly from retailers through the website, which allowed staff to focus on other tasks such as support.

About Brenderup Group

Brenderup Group is Scandinavia’s largest trailer supplier and one of Europe’s largest brands of trailers and trucks. The deal includes both sales and rental, and the products are used by millions. Brenderup Group currently has 580 employees. The sales organization is represented in Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Poland, Romania, Germany, France, UK and Italy. The head office is in Malmö and has an annual turnover of about 970 million SEK.

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