We have developed a new solution for ESA’s website, in order to increase the general awareness of the authority. The project resulted in a very successful EPiServer solution. Take a look at the work!


The Swedish Electric Safety Authority’s ambition was to increase public awareness of the authority and thereby create a website that enables a clearer and more efficient communication and interactivity with its target groups.

In addition, we would replace the authority’s Intranet where information exchange took place before. Changing the site would support the company’s work in the goal of achieving safe and disruptive electricity and increase knowledge about electricity safety in the community.

Initially, we would take over the management of the existing solution and plan for a project that included all phases. Everything from concept and idea to design and development of a new solution based on a new EPiServer-based platform.

The new web platform had simplified and clear navigation structure, clearer menus and headings, target group-adapted inputs and a modern appealing design.


Based on the above, we had a workshop were we defined target groups for the solution and their needs. This work led to a design basis for the ESA’s new solution. The “design language” and the concept developed in close cooperation with the authority and the subsequent development was carried out agile in order to be close to the needs of the Swedish Electricity Safety Agency.


The result was an easily accessible and flexible solution that invites public participation. The solution streamlines ESA’s operations when handling all the questions from the public. The solution also includes an Intranet where the Swedish branches of ESA can collaborate, store and structure information. 

Sweden’s best website!

Our solution for the Swedish Electricity Safety Agency was awarded at the Web Service Awards 2016 as the best website in social communication.

"The result was an easily accessible and flexible solution that invites public participation."

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