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We helped Etac get a more user-friendly website by creating a global digital platform for several different countries – with the help of Episerver and InRiver. Read more!


The main purpose and big challenge with this project was getting several companies to become one. Etac had grown through acquisitions for many years, and now all of them would get one company name and become “One Etac”. This, to create a simpler way of working, a clearer and easier communication with the customer and employees and also to build a strong But how do we communicate multiple companies in the same way and turn multiple websites into one? That was the big question.

With a complex internal layout and 9 different local market sites for country-specific content, it was a great challenge to gather everything under one web solution. With a tight deadline of 2 years (2019–2020) the main requirement was to integrate Inriver, build Etac’s products and integrate this into the web. It was a tough project as Etac needed to make many organizational adjustments and a lot had to be simplified before was built. Here Consid became an extended arm and a partnership was formed.

Another major challenge was the technical complexity. We had different product portfolios, cultures and people to take into account. All components had to be in the right place – the technical part, the appearance and the functional part aswell. As a lot of data handling must be handled correctly and the entire chain must function. Our developers have done a fantastic job!

– This project has really become a strong collaboration with shared responsibility in both ups and downs. It became clear that we could support and help Etac on their journey. The project has strengthened both Consid and Etac, and what has characterized the project is consensus and strong will. We have been both pragmatic and open and I am convinced that’s why we are where we are today, Sebastian Schrewelius at Consid says.

– Our new website is an important, strategic milestone in Etac’s development. By combining all brands on a new, common website, we take a big step forward in our effort to make it easy for our customers to discover our entire offer. In close collaboration with Consid, we have succeeded with our tough goal of creating a fast, modern, easy to navigate website. It has required a close collaboration between our teams, and we are very pleased with our partnership with Consid, Mikael Svensson, Chief Commercial Officer at Etac says.


The web solution chosen in this projekt was Episerver with its associated InRiver PIM. is a product-based website.


The result of this project is clear; Etac is now gathered in one place where they have a more user-friendly web and where it’s easier to find products. As a customer you feel the clarity and structure. The fact that the entire website is clear is largely due to the complex solutions that have been built. The web is also mobile-friendly, which makes it easy for users to search for products, etc. It has become very clear in this project that all developers, and everyone involved, are significant for the result. Together we have done a huge job to bring together these complex solutions. We can see that the traffic to the web is increasing and the goal is for it to continue, and for sales to increase. The project continues, mainly with administration but also with the country-specific pages.

– This is where it starts! Now we need to work proactively. It feels very exciting that we have a plan ahead together with Etac, Sebastian Schrewelius at Consid says.

About Etac

Etac is a Swedish-founded multinational group that develops, designs and sells ergonomic mobility aids. The company was founded in Sweden in the early 1970s and is known for its innovative and ergonomic product design for people with reduced mobility.

- We have reached our goal of creating a fast, modern and easy to navigate website.

Mikael Svensson, Chief Commercial Officer at Etac

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