Goverment office databases with legal information

We were asked by the Government Offices to update their legal database, which contains all the laws and regulations in the Swedish law book. The database, which was based on old technology, is now both technically and graphically stronger. Take a look at our work!


The Government Office’s legal database contains all laws and regulations that are included in the Swedish law book, and is available to the public. The database was previously based on a very old database called TRIP. 

The Government Offices wanted to keep up with the development, and given that existing systems were old, our mission was to adopt a newer technology. A number of other systems based on Visual Basic 6, also needed an update.

The assignment also consisted of migrating legal information from the old database to a SQL server, where an application would be developed in C#. The applications that handled the information in the database also needed an updated from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET.

In addition, a new search service would be built from the ground, based on C# ASP .NET, and the design of the search service would be changed in order for it to be in line with the graphic profile.


We created an application that could read database backup files from TRIP, load and export the data it retrieves and load it into the SQL server. We converted the existing applications to the latest .NET technology, and made the applications easier to use in order to create a better user experience.


With a close collaboration with the employees, we built a solution with a user interface matching their wishes and needs.

The solution made a big difference when it comes to the user experience. When this project was completed, it transitioned to a European-level integration.

– Getting involved in modernizing the environment in which Sweden’s legal information is handled has been a great challenge. Using modern technology not only simplifies maintenance of existing systems, but new systems can easily be integrated. Being at the forefront when it comes to technology is important and now we make sure that socially important information will be available not only to us but to the future generation as well, Fredric Arklid, Tech lead at Consid, says.

”Now we make sure that socially important information will be available not only to us but to the future generation as well.”

Fredric Arklid, Tech lead, Consid

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