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Holmen, with five different business areas – forest, cardboard, paper, wood products and energy, needed a follow-up on many levels. Read about how we took on the challenge together with Holmen!


Holmen needed help with a follow-up, looking at general KPI:s that cover the entire group. They also needed help with a follow-up on detail level where the production planning is being checked on a paper machine. 

The challenge involved connecting the locations, which have different computer systems, and ensuring that concepts and names are in line with each other and that the work processes are made centrally to ensure that the follow-up is accurate, easy to understand and easy to use.

Holmen asked us for help to set new parts, such as production planning and KPI:s, for maintenance of their paper machines and existing BI systems. The assignment also involved helping the IT apartment of Holmen and implementing a management organization for BI and visualize analysis data in Power BI.


Holmen Business Intelligence Platform is a BI platform where the content is controlled by different business areas’ work processes and not by different computer systems. The contracts are connected to source systems to create better opportunities to migrate, upgrade or replace them.

Follow-up and data analysis now consist of simple questions which the analysis must answer. There should also be a reason why the follow-up is needed. The follow-up will highlight the areas which the business needs to focus on, instead of presenting data on long lists.


Holmen Business Intelligence Platform helps all areas in the business within Holmen Group to have a common and similar follow-up that follows the organisations’ work processes. They also measures set goals.

About Holmen

Holmen is a Swedish forest industry group with over 400 years of history. They are also one of Sweden’s largest forest owners. The company produces cardboard, paper, wood products and renewable energy from water and wind. Holmen IT, located in Norrköping, provides service-oriented modern IT services to Holmen’s five different business areas, which are located in a number of different locations within and outside of Sweden.

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