The creation of a new digital education platform for IUP is what awaits in the following case. Read about the work and the result below!


When we first met SVEMO, SAFF and SBBF we faced a very interesting challenge. We were going to create a structure and a system to improve the courses they offer. By creating a digital tool and a platform, they would be able to improve a new digital educational structure for the long run.


In order to make the platform dynamic but easy to use, the programs have been built modularly. For easy searchability the courses are divided into “target group” and “competence”. Here, members can read more about the different courses and register for them. The entire production was carried out according to an agile and Scrum-based approach where design and development ran together with process. The platform was built with .NET Core, React and TypeScript.


The transparency, accessibility and simplicity were very well received, and the project has shown good results. Users can now log into the platform to attend, create or administer an education. With the solution they can create digital courses in a “writer’s tool” with scenarios, games, films, quizes and other engaging functions.

– Education is so much more than classes from a classroom. At Svemo we wanted to design an educational system that could increase our 160000 members knowledge, Per Westling, Secretary General of Svemo and the initiator of the platform says.


SBBF in Sweden was founded in 1952 and represents Sweden internationally in basketball. Sweden has over 30,000 basketball players in over 300 associations. Nearly half of all players are male and almost half of the players have foreign backgrounds – therefore they play an important role when it comes to integration in Sweden. SBBF’s vision is “Swedish Basketball – through a boundless community and lifelong passion, we create winners for life!”.


Svemo is the sports association for everyone who wants to exercise and compete with motorcycles and snowmobiles. Formed in 1935, the federation has over 150,000 members and is a member of the National Sports Association (RF). Motorcycling is internationally one of the most widely spread sports in the world. Swedish motorcycle and snowmobile sports are performing well internationally and have had great successes over the years.


The Swedish American Football Association was founded in 1985 and consists of 50 associations. There are more than 4,000 active members and a growing number of young boys and girls continuously join the organisations. The national women’s, men’s and juniors’ teams are among the top nations in Europe and often compete in advanced world championships.

"We at Svemo wanted to design an educational system that would make our 160000 members want to increase their knowledge."

Per Westling,  Svemo

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