Jönköpings Kommuns Fastighetsutveckling

Web Directive and Accessibility Analysis

We helped Jönköpings Kommuns Fastighetsutveckling to understand WCAG and The Web Directive through a digital education. We also analyzed the accessibility on their website.

With the right accessibility adaptation, you will reach the legal requirements of The Web Directive. At Consid, we help our customers understand WCAG and the Web Directive. Through a digital education we clearly explain what the law entails. Jönköpings Kommuns Fastighetsutveckling turned to us for a basic education in the Web Directive and also for help with an Accessibility Analysis.

The challenge

In order not to violate the law The Web Directive, many costumers need help with the accessibility adaptation of their website. There is a risk that 20% of users will have problems when searching for information on a website without accessibility adjustments. The Web Directive ensures everyone an accessible web. Jönköpings Kommuns Fastighetsutveckling turned to us to discover the improvements that needed to be made, according to the law.

The solution

The assignment included the Accessibility Analysis and access to our Basic Education for The Web Directive. Jönköpings Kommuns Fastighetsutveckling also received support to be able to write and post their Accessibility Report on their website. The basic training included the breakdown of the various parts of the legislation, a detailed explanation of the requirements for accessibility and an overview of The Web Directive. The entire training format is flexible and could therefore be completed at the desired time and place. The training material is also available afterwards for the opportunity to return to it.

The result

The customer is very satisfied with the result and the training was very helpful in many ways. Tina Myrén, Marketing Coordinator at Jönköpings Kommuns Fastighetsutveckling tells us about the solved problems:

– The web training together with the webinars helped us gain a deeper understanding of the various guidelines by explaining its significance in a simple way. With this understanding, we have been able to improve and adapt our website from an accessibility perspective, in a more time-efficient way, Tina Myrén says.

– The accessibility analysis was very important in our work, in order to further develop our website so that our digital service becomes more accessible to everyone, regardless of aids being used. The web training was a good complement to understand the shortcomings in the accessibility analysis, Tina Myrén says.

About Jönköpings Kommuns Fastighetsutveckling

Jönköpings Kommuns Fastighetsutveckling want to contribute to residents and the business community and their needs for land and premises, and thereby promote business and employment.

- With this understanding, we have been able to improve and adapt our website from an access- ibility perspective, in a more time-efficient way.

Tina Myrén, Marketing Coordinator, Jönköpings Kommuns Fastighetsutveckling

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