Cours in The Web Directive and an Accessibility Analysis

We helped Junehem understand WCAG and The Web Directive through a digital education and an Accessibility Analysis of their website.

We help our customers understand WCAG and The Web Directive through a digital education that clearly explains what the law means. We break down the various parts of the legislation, explain the requirements for accessibility in detail and provide an overview of the Web Directive. Junehem turned to us for help within the Web Directive.

The challenge

The law came into force on September 23, which means that a website that is not accessibility-adapted and where responsive design, accessible information and graphics that everyone can absorb are not in place, also violates the law. With the right accessibility adaptation, you will meet the legal requirements that you must meet according to the Web Directive. By getting help from us at Consid, you can see the improvements that need to be made and find the easiest way to proceed. Junehem chose to do this.

The solution

The assignment consisted the Accessibility Analysis Standard, the basis for the Accessibility Report and access to our Undergraduate Education for The Web Directive. Junehem also received tools and support to be able to write and post their Accessibility Report on their website. The basic training included breakdown of the various parts of the legislation, a detailed explanation of the requirements for accessibility and an overview of The Web Directive. The entire training format is flexible and could therefore be completed at desired time and place. The training material is also available afterwards for the opportunity to go back.

The result

Although Junehem’s website is relatively new, the accessibility analysis showed a number of improvements that needed to be made. They have now jointly increased their understanding and gained an overall picture of the situation. Marie Martinsson, Webmaster at Junehem:

– The complete solution and the pedagogical approach that Consid offered suited us perfectly. From increasing the understanding of what The Web Directive entails, through digital education, to reviewing the report produced by Consid together at a web meeting. This gave us a clear overall picture. Everyone should do this, regardless of the directive. Because who doesn’t want an easily accessible and clear website that is adapted to everyone?

– It is very fun to work with customers in their accessibility work. Especially when you get such a good response, Linda Hovbrandt, Customer Manager at Consid says.

Customers who launched a new web just before The Web Directive’s legal requirements now turn to us, and want to order their analysis. In the future, we can see that many companies will need knowledge and training to understand the legal requirement, and we can also see that our accessibility analysis and web training has been a great door opener for continued work with Junehem.

About Junehem

Junehem is a housing company that, through quality and good customer service, wants to create safe and sustainable living environments. They own and manage approximately 2,500 homes in Bankeryd, Bottnaryd, Gränna, Hovslätt, Kaxholmen, Norrahammar, Månsarp, Skärstad, Taberg, Visingsö and Ölmstad and have approximately 200 premises leased to various businesses.

- The complete solution and the pedagogical approach that Consid offered suited us perfectly.

Marie Martinsson, Webmaster at Junehem

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