Together with Klovern, we held a lecture in Office365 for the entire Klovern organization to advance the organisation’s knowledge and teach new ways of working. Read the case below!


When implementing new routines and systems, it is important that all employees feel involved and support the changes. With this in mind we held a lecture in Office365 for the entire Klovern organization. Teaching basic knowledge about the systems and creating understanding and consent about a new way of working was the goal of the lecture.

Together with Klovern, we set up a framework in which Klovern’s IT operating partner Nordlo was involved.

The lecture was divided into two stages where the roll-out of the Office package was part one. At part two additional services such as Teams were added.


The education model consisted of three key components:

1. Physical training opportunities

Together with Klovern’s IT department we conducted training seminars at the offices which were combined with practical tasks and brainstorming sessions.

2. Online meetings

The physical meetings were followed up or supplemented with the help of online meetings. In this case, the geographical barriers did not have to be an obstacle.

Groups were set up to create a commitment and an inclusive feeling in the education process. Initially, a pilot group consisting of representatives from Klovern’s IT and marketing/web department was set up. This group participated in education of an ambassador group whose task was to be ambassadors for the newly introduced work method, as well as being the first recipient of new and ongoing updates.

3. Support and intranet

Dissemination of information was also an important part of the rollout of the new working method. This was mainly done via the intranet and Nordlo’s support department staffed Klovern. Something that was essential in the smooth implementation.


The collaboration between Consid and Klovern has worked very well and as a key to an effective educational process. We have been allowed to work very close to the customer’s operations, which has been a strong contributing factor to the positive outcome. Eva Pettersson, IT Manager at Klovern, tells us more about the close collaboration:

– An important factor in the success of our education is that Consid’s representative has been engaged and adaptable. Niklas has been like one of us throughout the process, and has driven the process with precision and initiative, Eva Pettersson, IT Manager at Klovern, says.

This process has created a higher level of engagement among employees while also gaining access to more educational materials.

Klovern’s staff appreciated the effort and several new employees, who had previously worked with Office365, learned a lot of new things. Klovern’s staff got better conditions, which further reinforced their perception that it was a successful decision to invest in this education.

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"An important factor in the success is that Consid has been committed and adaptable."

Eva Pettersson, Klovern

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