When Länsstyrelsen’s 21 independent authorities were to become unified they faced a challenge – to gather everyone under same website. Together, we created a more accessible and responsive site where the national got combined with the regional. Six months later, a new national solution in SiteVision was completed. Read more below!


Before this task, Länsstyrelsen had a website with several areas that could be improved including accessibility, responsiveness, security, uniformity, editorial functions and the opportunity to combine national and regional content.

With 21 independent “Länsstyrelsen” around the country, they faced the challenge of gathering these websites under one.

Creating a unified solution which also met the demands of functionality and design as well as municipal and governmental requirements, was a big challenge. The website had to be ready for the autumn 2018 elections.

The core of the assignment was to update the website with a focus on consistency, accessibility, responsiveness and security.

They had to be able to share information between them and with this solution they would be able to collaborate effectively throughout Sweden.

In terms of accessibility there were some shortcomings with the previous website as it was difficult to work with and difficult to manage.

Mobile adaptation, security measures and design were also highly prioritized.


SiteVision Cloud was the platform chosen in this case. It met the initial needs and can handle huge traffic peaks that can arise in the event of a crisis.

As content creation and development took place, we managed to create a tailor-made SiteVision-based web platform where all stakeholders’ needs were taken into account.

Since some of the county administrative boards had previously used Mediaflow DAM in conjunction with SiteVision for their management of images and media files on their websites, the need of links between local image banks and the common web platform was huge. Therefore we proposed a solution that made it possible have several different Mediaflow accounts linked to the same SiteVision set. Mediaflow quickly developed this solution and an update was made in SiteVision Cloud.

Continuous reconciliations have ensured that the assignment has moved in the right direction and developed into the final solution that Länsstyrelsen.se is today.


Länsstyrelsen.se has been met with very positive feedback. The editors can now easily create and share content both nationally and towards specific counties thanks to the user-friendly interface. Visitors can access it through all types of devices.

– We are satisfied with the result and have been met with very positive feedback, both externally and internally. The fact that we now have an external website that is accessible from all types of devices is a big gain. Internally, our editors have been given an intuitive and dynamic tool that streamlines their work. In terms of security, the new website meets our requirements in the event of a crisis. As a project manager I’m grateful for the collaboration, Ulrika Fransson, Project Manager at Länsstyrelsen, says.

About Länsstyrelsen

Länsstyrelsen shall work to ensure that national goals have a breakthrough in the municipalities and at the same time take regional conditions into account. Länsstyrelsen is an important link between people and municipalities and the government, parliament and central authorities.

"We have been greeted with very positive feedback, both externally and internally."

Ulrika Fransson, Länsstyrelsen

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