MADE Stickers

Conversion Optimization, SEO & SEM

In 2020, Consid was given the confidence to take over as MADE Sticker’s comprehensive supplier for the Swedish and Nordic markets, to ensure great growth for e-commerce, both in Sweden and internationally, in the coming years.

Made Stickers is the market leader on the Swedish market, in the area of decals for motocross and enduro. The Jönköping based company has grown organically since 2011 and hired a local web agency for the construction and operation of e-commerce and marketing.


Consid’s main mission was clear: to increase the conversion of both organic and paid traffic to e-commerce. The breakdown meant the assignments:

Management & further development of e-commerce –

Search engine optimization

Search engine advertising

Web analytics & conversion optimization


Consid’s delivery in this assignment can be divided into two steps:

Step 1

Taking over and reviewing the various components of the assignment

Technical SEO analysis and measures

Audit of measurement systems, event tracking & data hygiene and implementation

Technical analysis of e-commerce

Technical site improvements with a focus on SEO and conversion optimization

UX efforts with conversion search as a goal

Step 2

Revision and optimization of digital marketing work

SEO audit for onpage, offpage and keyword analysis

Establishment of search strategy

Improving Google Ads Campaign Structure, Ads, and Ad Groups

Go from budget limit to ROAS limit for Google ads

SEO content work in close dialogue with customer

Offpage strategy for SEO



Improved user experience with increased conversion focus

Improved pagespeed for mobile by 1130% (from 6 to 74)

Improved pagespeed for desktop at 159 %% (from 37 to 96)


12% increase in new users via Organic Search with increased pages/session and spend time. (YoY)

11% lower bounce rate on Organic Search (YoY)

Organic placement search on the majority of the customer’s most important keywords


67% increase in new users via Paid Search with 18% lower CPC (YoY)

678% conversion rate increase for Paid Search (YoY)

44% lower bounce rate via Paid Search (YoY)

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